Amy Greeson is the founder and executive director of Healing Seekers. Amy devotes her life to discovering ancient healing techniques.

Amy Greeson, founder and executive director of Healing Seekers

Amy Greeson's lifelong interest in pharmacology began at the knee of her father, a pharmacy owner in Thomasville, North Carolina. After an NPI Internship in research and development with Burroughs Welcome Pharmaceutical Company and spending a summer with the Alaska Public Health Service, she earned her own pharmacy degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Amy went on to work in both a clinical setting and a retail pharmacy setting in Alaska before returning to take over her father's practice.Her interest in centuries-old healing traditions began during a transformative trip to the Amazon, which she says opened not only her eyes, but also her heart and soul. "It awakened me and showed me a bigger, more complete picture of what healing and medicine are all about," she says.

Since then, Amy has traveled extensively to study with shamans and village healers in the far reaches of Belize, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Madagascar. Upcoming expeditions include New Guinea in 2010 and the Congo, 2011.The educational and entertaining video compositions, from footage of expeditions, are being utilized in school systems like Guilford County Schools, and avenues such as the NC Zoo's website, Field Trip Earth.

Are you ready to watch Amy's interviews on The JoyStream TV, the Incredible Women's Series? If you do not have a mentor, Amy is a woman anyone can emulate.

Amy Greeson is also the producer and host of Healing Seekers. This multi-talented incredible woman is a pharmacist, educator, lecturer, writer and world traveler who is most at home at the crossroads between medicine and the healing traditions of indigenous cultures. The world is a better place because of Amy's continuing contributions to our planet. Please visit her website and watch some of her incredible videos!

Amy Greeson, Healing Seekers Healing Seekers' mission, as a non-profit, is to explore the most biodiverse regions and most remote regions of Planet Earth in search of medical treatments and cures; to create entertaining and educational documentaries and video compositions for school systems and higher education avenues; to stress conservation, preservation and sustainability for both the environments and the people; and to be a catalyst in helping others better understand, appreciate and honor every human being and every life form on our planet.

Amy Greeson is also CEO/Co-Founder of Natural Discoveries, Inc.

Natural Discoveries' mission is to discover valuable 'blueprints' in nature, and bring them back into the laboratory for analysis and eventual production of newer and better pharmaceuticals. Presently, collaborations with Bent Creek Institute and with UNC-Chapel Hill (Dr. K H Lee) are allowing fractions of 40 specimens from Madagascar to be analyzed.

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