The Art of Appreciation

Appreciation is:

  • the art of allowing our connection to all that is good
  • allowing us to be grateful for the miracle we are
  • positive and life enhancing
  • healing
  • releasing resistance

Find something to appreciate in this moment and notice how quickly you feel better. If you feel anxiety, stress or depression, take a moment to find something that brings a smile to your face. Your mood will shift for the better in an instant.

Resistance is:

  • not having gratitude
  • when we dig in our heels and choose stubbornness instead of love
  • we harden our heart
  • driven by ego
  • our minds go to ego and defending a belief or position

No matter which way you choose to resist...none of them feel good. That is all that matters. If you start to pay attention to how you feel, soon you will learn to choose thoughts that reduce stress and reduce anxiety and increase your levels of joy. The relief will be welcome. The relief will become a memory and soon you will notice more quickly when something doesn't feel good because you have gotten used to relief, and you will seek more relief and you will find it easily and naturally.

Resistance doesn't feel good. Remember a time when you gave somebody a gift and they said, "I couldn't possibly accept that." It didn't feel good for you and it didn't feel good for them. The Universe does conspire to bring you your desires. All you have to do is put yourself in the receiving mode.

One of the quickest ways to shift to the receiving mode is an attitude of gratitude. The beautiful thing about appreciation, besides that it feels great, is that it bypasses opinion and judgment. We are so hard on ourselves. We berate ourselves and often we don't even like ourselves, much less love ourselves. Sometimes in Personal Development programs we are taught to grind it out. We are taught to be disciplined, to tough it out. What if Personal Development is much easier than we think? I for one, know it is much easier. Pick any quality you desire.

We will use productivity as an example. When we feel unproductive, we can get to the point of loathing ourselves for our weakness, for our lack of execution and production. The feeling of self loathing is very destructive and is the exact opposite of appreciation. It certainly does not feel good. Remember our goal is to always find a better feeling. To be more productive we can choose to remember a time when we were very productive. Whenever we use words of appreciation we build ourselves up.

Chances are we have had one small success in every area of our lives. Build on that, focus on that and watch it grow.

Picture all the details of being productive. Picture what you did, how you felt, what steps you took. Our thoughts create and when you have thoughts of appreciation, you are creating your future in a good way.

You can use the same steps on your current project? Sometimes when we procrastinate it is because we don't have clarity, we don't have enough information to make an informed decision. Then we judge the procrastination and we feel worse. Remember to ask yourself a few questions before you jump to judgment mode. Do I have enough information to proceed with this project. If the answer is no, ask for wisdom, allow wisdom, allow the information to come to you. Ask if the project is right for you. Often we procrastinate because the project actually conflicts with our values.

However, society teaches us to grind it out. If the project doesn't align with your values, can you find another way? Is there somebody else who can do the project? Is the project the right answer? Finally, if the project is right and you are still stalling you can do two simple things:

  • Align with the task: don't go into the task with a grind it out mentality but with an attitude that makes the best out of the situation.
  • Choose to do your best: nothing creates energy like choosing to do your best. It is as if all the power of the Universe lines up behind you to assist you with every detail.

Practice appreciating and allowing the good qualities that you desire into your life today. It leads towards life balance as well! The art of appreciation is the key to positive change in this very moment of your life! What can you appreciate about yourself and others today?

Get to know yourself. What are your good qualities that you can build on? Choose today to be thankful for one thing about yourself today. Choose to be grateful about things and people in your life. You can not go wrong with thankfulness of yourself, of your possessions or of your relationships. Every time you are thankful you are creating your tomorrow. Everything we focus on grows. The simplest most joyful way to improve the quality of your life is to start the art of appreciation this moment. All Joy, Catherine and Sheila

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