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How is this the Best Writing Software? Can you imagine getting rid of scraps of paper, stacks of paper and disorganization? How would you like to think of a topic, type it into your Journal and find everything you have on that topic? Don't let the name Journal fool you. This software can organize your books, research, all your projects and all of your files. Would that help with your personal growth? Would that help you as a writer? Would that help as student studying anything? Yes, yes and yes. Now with the Journal, I copy and paste every document into the Journal and voila, every note, every thought is at my fingertips. My productivity has increased, my stress has almost disappeared, my effectiveness is off the charts. Are you ready for a glimpse of the best writing software? Click here!

If you are working on personal development goals, you can have a category for each goal. For instance, I usually work on one Health goal and one Wealth goal at a time. So I set up a category for my Health goal and do the same for my wealth goal. It has never been so easy to reach my goals! Then as I read books, I take notes under the book title on the Journal. When I do research on the internet, I have a special place for research notes. I type in my mini goals to meet along the way, and put them into the built in calendar. It is the most amazing personal development software ever.

We have been using the this Journaling software for over a year now. We cannot say enough about the power of this simple writing program. The Journal opens quickly and it is easy to move through hundreds of documents in a flash, without having to wait for each document to open in a new window. Now, when I open an old Word document, I paste it right into the Journal. I never spend time trying to remember where I save a document because they are all in one place! I guess you have to see the Journal to believe it! Click here!

Sheila attributes this best writing software to finally being able to finish her book Journey 2 Joy~Personal Development for Busy People.. All writers know how difficult and paralyzing disorganization can be and feel. To be a successful writer, it is paramount to get organized and stay organized. The Journal solves that problem.

The Journal has Categories, which allows you to see all of your projects in one glance. Each project I am working on is named as a Category. Then I simply move the mouse over a category and I can then see all the phases or chapters of each project. For instance, I have The JoyStream TV as one of my Categories. I move the mouse to JoyStream TV and then I can see what I am working on for each episode. My newest book, Journey 2 Success is another Category. Then I have a listing for each of my themes for the books. Then each theme is broken down into chapters.

This wonderful Journaling program is a time saver and life saver. It saves me time because now I can access all of my thoughts, articles, ideas and chapters in one place. But almost more importantly, I am no longer anxious about clutter and disorganization. As you know, The JoyStream is all about feeling better and releasing stress, anxiety and depression!

The Journal has an amazing 45 day free trial and then a 30 day money back guarantee. You can't go wrong. If you are ready to save time and reduce stress, click here.

A few months ago, I contacted the designer, David, about adding JoyStream templates to the Journal. He graciously agreed! I am very thankful for David and his generosity in adding the templates. There are 20 power packed templates, including the powerful JoyStream exercise and the Inner Being exercise. Learn about the power of Goodness, your Successful Self, Limiting Beliefs, and much more. Click here to immediately download and easily install David's Amazing Journal with The JoyStream Templates free for 45 days! Read on to see many of the amazing features of this software!

Personal development through journaling is a great growth tool! Whatever your journaling or writing needs, The Journal gives you unmatched convenience, flexibility, and security. The Journal is always available when you need it, and lets you make entries with text, images, and just about anything else. Plus, with The Journal's password-protection and encryption you can rest assured that your secrets remain secret.

David's journal is more than the best writing software. It is a tool that can help you take control of your life.

* Create a digital scrapbook of your life!

* Organize your notes about your family, about your work, about a hobby, about anything.

* Write a short story, a magazine article, or even a novel.

* Remember your appointments, events, tasks & special days!

* Find whatever you're looking for with The Journal's powerful searching.

* Get inspired and stay inspired!

Keep a journal Your Way! The Journal is highly flexible and can be personalized to suit your style. Whether for business or as a personal development journal, you can customize The Journal to be exactly right for you. Journaling will help anyone interested in self help or personal growth. Writing helps you to clear your head and that makes room for clarity.

See what You can Do with The Best Writing Software!

Start today! If you have ever wanted to keep a personal journal, start a diary, or simply organize your many notes, now is the time. Buy Now.

Need another testimonial for the Best Writing Software?

What a great program! I have been journaling on my computer for several years now, but have never been happy with the program I was using. Once I found yours I immediately moved all of my data over...and registered. Thanks!

--Craig Miller, GIS Applications Developer, Pacific Northwest Geographics

For years Sheila had been trying to break the habit of writing in long hand...even thought "experts" say it lends to greater creativity. She even bought a Tablet PC to convert handwriting to text. My handwriting did not convert to sensible accurate text, it looked more like swear words! Next, she tried voice software, but again it took too much time to fix the errors. The result was hundreds upon hundreds of pieces of paper that drove her crazy! She had handwritten speeches, articles, stories, and bits and pieces of books. You get the picture. She was completely overwhelmed and paralyzed.

Then she discovered the best writing software that changed her life! She downloaded the free trial version of The Journal and never looked back and never looked for another software program. Her writing productivity exploded. She continues to save considerable time by journaling on the computer. "I love this software! It is the perfect personal development journal. David has so many prompts and templates and tools for easily organizing my journaling, my articles, my web submissions. It is so easy to switch back from journal to notebook, I am thrilled! It has been the best time saver! Sheila

To see more features click here.

We know you are going to LOVE what we think should be called, "The Best Writing Software! It is life changing, will enhance your projects, goal setting and your personal growth will skyrocket. And best of all it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Smiley Faces Enjoy! If you have any tips for writing or journaling please contact If we print your tip, we will link the article back to your website. All joy, Sheila and Catherine.

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