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Welcome to my tales!

Hi world! Catherine McCormick here! I think I was born to travel! Traveling brings me all kinds of JOY! I love exploring and experiencing new worlds, new people, new foods, new ways of thinking, and creating a life that I thrive in! I found out recently that I had put my life on hold for several personal reasons that were the right thing to do at the time but it is time for me to get back to a thriving life rather than a surviving life!

Traveling invigorates me! Sheila, Sweetie, and I hit the road in our Toyota FJ loaded with a tent, some clothes, a cooler, a few books, and of course a laptop and our phones for our 2012 Great Summer Adventure! We stopped in Atlanta on our way to Seaside Beach, FL. I ate my way through Atlanta reconnecting with some old friends. I talked so fast with a college friend over a three hour breakfast to catch up on 22 years! What fun! You may be wondering why we chose Seaside Beach. That is a very good question. One of my dearest childhood friend's has a house here and invited us to visit her.

What fun! A new area of Florida to explore! I knew nothing about this area of Florida. Well... let me tell you something I found out... Seaside Beach, FL is part of the Redneck Riviera of Florida. For those of you not educated in this fact... Seaside is located in the Panhandle of Florida. Don't let the label fool you! This area is gorgeous! White sand beaches, beautiful blue green water, and YES! there are waves to ride! I loved floating in the gulf and even body surfing a bit. Plus there is great people watching on the Redneck Riviera!

We swam in the Gulf, walked on the beach, enjoyed gorgeous sunsets, rode bikes.. even Sweetie rode in a basket on the bike! Fresh air, sunshine, cool ocean breezes (Seriously!), lots of great conversations, reading, relaxing. Our 2012 Great Summer Adventure is off to a fabulous start!

If you're ever in the panhandle, take a ride down highway 30A! Remember to always choose JOY in all that you do!

Continually choose JOY! Catherine

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