The Incredible Women Series

Have you ever wished you had a mentor? The JoyStream is delighted to present to you The Incredible Women Series. Our goal is to provide every woman and girl on the planet with women to look up to, women to emulate, women who have found their joy.

We have been interviewing women for a number of years now. We have entrepreneurs of all ages, pharmacist, artists, authors, speakers, potters, healers, teachers, trainers...even a Doula! What are your dreams in life? What is your passion? Don't stop dreaming. Take a moment and see how all these women created their success. Chances are, in one of the Incredible Women Series interviews, you will find a woman you can relate to, a woman who has traveled a similar path. Are you ready to find your joy? Are you ready to meet your virtual mentor? Take all the time you need and meet these Incredible Women. And hop over to The JoyStream TV to meet all of our wonderful and amazing guests.

If you would like to nominate someone as an Incredible Woman, please email Please include why you think this person is incredible and contact information for her. We appreciate your nominations!

Dena Harris is an incredible woman, an author, a speaker, trainer and funny, funny person. She never stops evolving into her fullest capacity. She took a leap and started running...marathons of all things. Now she is working on a whole new type of writing and I am sure she will be wildly successful. Enjoy these wonderful episodes and share them with your friends!

Dr. Pam Salvitti, incredible women's series, the JoyStream

Dr. Pam Salvitti is a chiropractor practicing here in NC for 14 years. Her PurposeIs to allow full expression of Wellness through Education, Coaching and Chiropractic Care. She believes we are created to be Happy and Healthy - Physically, Mentally & Emotionally. Dr. Pam states, "We have the innate ability to Self Heal, Think & Feel our way to balance."
Dr. Salvitti uses intuition and a non-force technique that removes the blocks & interferences that disallow this natural expression and are responsible for a lowered state of health. Jump over to her page and watch her in action!

sundara fawn, sundara designs, incredible women series, the joystream

Sundara Fawn is an artist like no other. She is wildly talented, intuitive, and inspired. She is involved with cutting edge healing work, using her nature murals to bring the outdoors inside, creating a theraputic environment for folks who need it most. And, Sundara is following her bliss.

Amy Greeson, Healing Seekers

Amy Greeson is the producer and host of Healing Seekers. She is a pharmacist, educator, lecturer, writer and world traveler who is most at home at the crossroads between medicine and the healing traditions of indigenous cultures. She is beyond incredible!

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