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Wow, what an adventure Catherine and I have been on creating The JoyStream TV. As many of you know, after we had our book launch for, "Journey 2 Joy~Personal Development for Busy People" friends started saying more people need to know this stuff. Sue from our Greensboro Public Library book club said we should put our stuff on TV and well the rest is history.

It is hard to believe we have started Season Four. We have a remarkable co-host in Angela Wilson. We continue to have incredible women step forth and share their joy, their gifts and be a mentor for you. If you know of any incredible women who you'd like to nominate as a guest for our show please email sheila@thejoystream.com Thank you for all your support. All love and Joy, Sheila and Catherine

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We are so thankful and blessed. Thank you for your support and please continue to recommend women that you think are incredible. We hope you enjoy the videos and please feel free to send your questions, comments or suggestions to me Sheila@TheJoyStream.com. You can easily subscribe to our site on the left of this page so you will know when new episodes are uploaded.

With all love, joy and gratitude, Sheila and Catherine.

Full Episodes of The JoyStream TV Smiley Faces

Season Four (I can't believe it!) of The JoyStream TV

The JoyStream TV Episode 4.15 with Bonnie Hitchcock

The JoyStream TV Episode 4.14 with Bonnie Hitchcock at the Clay Bakery throwing a bowl

The JoyStream TV Episode 4.11 with "Simply" Sue Falcone

The JoyStream TV Episode 4.10 with "Simply" Sue Falcone

The JoyStream TV Episode 4.9 with "Simply" Sue Falcone

The JoyStream TV Episode 4.8 with Dena Harris

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