Learn How the Law of Attraction Can Change Your Life!

The Law of Attraction may be the most powerful thing I have ever learned. The very first book I ever read about the subject was Ask and it was Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks. It opened my mind to loving myself truly for the first time. Soon I was open to the idea that Joy is a choice. And then I realized I had the power to create my life the way I want.

When I started reading books about Law of Attraction, I learned a vocabulary to explain many concepts I already knew like people being bum magnets. I knew people who attracted the worst situations but now I knew why! What do you want to stop attracting in your life? What do you want to start attracting? It really is all up to you!

The idea that we create our lives is very exciting to me. I never have to feel trapped again! I used to feel trapped by time but now I know I can Embrace Timelessness!!! I don't have to be trapped in any situation again. I can choose to consciously create a joyful, abundant and thriving life.

I also used to feel trapped in certain feelings. I struggled for decades with depression until I learned that joy is a choice. I also was bogged down by stress wreaking havoc on my life and my health. It is a wonderful sense of freedom to know that I don't have to let stress control my life any longer.

Another thing I got to release from my life was anxiety. It is amazing how many crumby feelings we are used to having in our lives. Can you imagine a life free from stress, anxiety and depression? Let me tell you it is possible. You can start changing your life today easily and naturally.

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