Love Pages: The Ultimate Life Transformation Tool

Where did Love Pages come from? My asking. One of my recent projects has to do with creating Health and Wealth. One day I asked for a new exercise and this is the answer I received. Love Pages. The first time I set the commitment to do them for 30 days. Now I see them as 90 day seasons. I also name my season and/or set a theme for the season. The current theme for my newest season is Gentleness.

Set an intention for a specific length of time. Take a piece of paper or a journal. I started with printer paper, and now I used rather large sketchbooks. I write two pages a day. On one side I write a quality about health that I desire to align with. On the other side I write a quality about wealth with which I desire to align. I usually put the quality in the center of the page and date one side and write down what day I am on (1-90 for me.)

Every day, I focus very lightly and loosely on the quality in the center, knowing it is already the truth of who I am, it is simply a matter of remembrance. The very first day, write: I love me. Be sure to include every single version of your name (including nicknames) imaginable…like for me it is I love me, I love Sheila, I love Sheila Ann, I love Sheila Ann Steplar, I love my sister Sheila, my daughter Sheila, my friend Sheila, my partner, my boss Sheila, my employee Sheila and every single nickname you can think of. You get the idea.

Each day invite in the Divine and ask for wisdom for the direction of the pages day. It is stunning the guidance I got and the limiting beliefs that were revealed and oh so many stunningly beautiful and amazing things were revealed and became clear. The second day, I wrote every person’s name I could think of that I have met, am related to, have worked with, or associated with. Then I covered my love pages with Catherine loves Sheila, Mom loves Sheila, Dad loves Sheila, Sweetie loves Sheila. I wrote down every name that came to mind on both sides of the pages. Continue to listen for Inspired Action on what to write. I also wrote some classic affirmations like, I love and accept Sheila just as she is. I love and accept me just as I am. Have fun with it!

On day 3 I found myself writing that Sheila loves everybody. I wrote everybody's name I could think of as well as situations. I also started writing Sheila is loved and provided for. It took me by surprise, but it made my heart soar and I felt safer, more secure. It made my heart smile to know my needs were Divinely met. Suddenly around day 4 and many days following, I became aware of Limiting Beliefs, beliefs which were limiting my self-love. I was stunned, amazed, joyful, thankful and appreciative. The freedom I found was nothing short of miraculous. If a certain wonderful quality pops into your mind while you are writing, know that it is yours to claim. Once a quality enters our imagination or mind it is a simple remembrance of the truth of who we are. Rejoice in it.

On day 4 I also became aware of parts of me that I had shut down at a very young age. I was momentarily sad that I had shut down, but thrilled that now I could make a better choice. I immediately began a loving dialogue with that part of me, and began loving and embracing her. I felt so much more unified and whole. I certainly fell in love with me a bit more. I learned more about the power of self-love. It was soon thereafter that I could see myself writing Love Pages for the rest of my life.Some days I am very specific about inviting Spirit Guides to join me. If I am working on writing my book, I will invite in the appropriate Spirit Gurus. I have, on any given day, invited health guru’s, wealth, oratory, fitness, computer and software gurus. Have fun with it.

At the end of my 90 days, I lovingly review my Love Pages. It is one of my most cherished times of the year. I am constantly amazed at the miracles and revelations in my life. Also ask: What am I permanently leaving behind? Ask: What am I embracing and allowing into the rest of my life?Take time to be thankful and notice all the wonderful shifts in your life. I hope you give Love Pages a try. I still write them daily and never cease to be amazed. Love can transform anything. It transforms all things. All Love and Joy, Sheila Steplar

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