Your own personal development plan: Journey 2 Joy!

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This is no run of the mill personal development plan. I listened to my clients and heard their pleas for simplicity and ease. Everybody I know is tired of being tired, stressed and anxious. Sheila Steplar is an author, personal life coach and motivational speaker. She happily brings you Journey 2 Joy~ Personal Development for Busy People.

Through a wonderful web of inspired and thought provoking essays and exercises, Sheila helps guide you towards defining personal success, sharpening your focus and creating a life full of joy, freedom, creativity, peace and presence. Many of the essays teach you how to feel better, because once you feel better, you are a better more joyful creator. Let’s get started on your Journey 2 Joy!

What are people saying about Journey 2 Joy and it's up and coming author?

"The JoyStream by Sheila Steplar is a tool for life. I keep the book in my car so I can steal quick "pick-me-up" moments. I simply allow the book to flip open to a page and read that entry. Sheila's writing and wisdom flow off the page and into my soul. Every page is a reminder that we create our realities and to appreciate all that is beautiful and kind in life. Purchasing this book was one of the best gifts I ever gave myself."

Dena Harris, NC

"Journey 2 Joy is the perfect book to ask the Universe what message you need to hear and then open up the book to receive your message. The message is always exactly what I need to hear. I love the messages because they bring me back to my awareness of pure joy and challenge me to feel a little deeper than the surface. This book is pure inspiration and is a great book for everyone needing a little more joy in their life! I highly recommend it". ~Sundara Fawn ~

"Sheila has the unique ability to simplify complex ideas so you can easily find more freedom from feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and worried."

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