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I may be a woman, but I was never into the power of love, hearts or writing out my married name. In fact, I knew by age 4 that I never wanted to get married or have kids. I left love to my friends like Jean Bailey Robor who is the author of "The Love Poems." However, a number of years ago, I suddenly began my journey to self-love. It happened in an odd way. I read in "Ask and it is Given" that I am adored and suddenly, I was able to believe it. Wow, talk about life altering goodness! It is such a relief to love myself.

As I was taking baby steps with self love, I affirmed my love for myself whenever I saw my a mirror, a window, my computer screen, anywhere! This is an awesome way to learn the power of love.

As I said in another post, the co-host of The JoyStream TV, Angela Wilson Sherrill said to say "hello" to your organs. I tried it and immediately felt my body happily respond to the greeting. I have expanded on the greeting by saying hello to my mind and every body part I can name. My body actually feels grateful to be witnessed, grateful towards me for recognizing my oneness.

One day as I was meditating about my body, I realized I had anger and/or shame concerning almost every inch of my body. My feet have bunions, my back always hurts, my eyesight is terrible, my nose is too big! Smiley Faces

I was stunned at this almost complete lack of love and acceptance for my physical body! Take a minute and ask to see how you feel about each of your body parts. It is very illuminating. Picture your toes and feet and let your opinions bubble to the surface. More up to your ankles, then calves and knees. You get the picture. If you truly want to know the Power of Love, you can make a better choice about how you see yourself.

Now when I wake up in the morning I have a new routine. I greet my body. I say hello to my toes, feet and ankles. I bless them and say thanks! I move up to my calves, knees thighs and hips. Then of course I take in a deep breath through my organs and greet them and thank them. I say, as I breath in deeply through my lungs and heart, hello to my lungs and heart. I talk lovingly to my throat chakra and finally, breathe in through my mind and say hello to my mind.

This routine is invigorating and loving. My new routine in the morning concludes with asking how I can love those I come into contact with today. That is the epitome of being of service.

Now, besides not embracing the power of love, I am learning to embrace the concept of service. When I became an Innkeeper I learned the joy of service. Before, I don't think I didn't want to be of service...I felt like I was lacking the social skills of how to be of service. Or it could be my struggle with authority...the Christian Religion stresses being of service and I naturally rebelled doing what was stressed or suggested.

It is easy to rebel authority, but now my focus is on being my authentic, true self. That true self doesn't think twice one way or another about authority. Now my true self is focused on the power of love and how I can be of service through love.

I think another reason I wasn't keen on service is because I still had a scarcity mentality. It was almost like I felt like poor pitiful me, I don't have enough to give. But the truth is, as long as I don't feel like I have enough, I won't have enough. So once I choose to be of service, I felt more abundant. It is a delightful cycle!

Now when I ask how I can be of service, sometimes it is simply a prayer sent someone's way. But it can be even cooler than that.

The Power of Love is
always allowing others to blossom!

Just as it can be a habit to not be of service, it can be a habit to begrudge what others have. As soon as you make the choice to stop begrudging others, you will find so much more love for yourself and others. It is absolutely miraculous. My friends, I promise you, so much of creating a life you love is about simple choices you can or not make.

Play around with your emotions. If you notice that some feeling, belief or action on your part doesn't feel good, try making some small shifts. You may feel entitled to begrudge another, but does it feel good? You may think lack, but does it feel good? Try on the feeling of abundance. Breathe in the word abundance.

Are you anxious and worried all the time? Turn up the corners of your mouth and choose to believe that all is well. This stuff may sound simplistic, but the truth is always simple. This stuff works. Give it a try. You don't have to be stuck thinking the world is harsh and unforgiving. You don't have to watch the news and engage in conversations about bleakness, scarcity and tragedy. Some people will try to argue with you about the harshness of the world and tell you to "face the facts." The simple truth is what you focus on you get. The only fact you have to focus on is what raises your Hum!

Do you like what you are getting? If so, email me your tips for creating a joyful life If you are struggling and want more tips on creating a life you love email me with your questions, comments and suggestions. Stayed tuned for more on the power of love! All love and joy, Sheila

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