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Are You Ready for a New Take On Patience?

I remember when I was at my book club, a women warned the entire group not to ask, wish or pray for patience because that prayer will be answered with situation after situation requiring patience. This stayed with me, even though there was never any danger of me asking for patience ;-)

Fast forward a few years. I was teaching a class and a distraught women lamented that she needed patience with her children when school got out. Even I was surprised by what tumbled out of my mouth. I suggested what she may really need is to choose to be completely Present with her kids for about 5 or 10 minutes. Let your kids have a chance to reconnect with you. I had never considered what we often need is Presence, not patience. And for me Presence means to be in this moment...not dwelling on the past or worried about the future.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I very vaguely remembered reading a study that showed that if a super busy mom had only 10 free minutes a day, but used those 10 minutes to be really present with her kids, those kids would thrive. I said this to the woman as well. The mom sitting before me in class appeared visibly relieved at the suggestion of Presence. I don't know if many people have their Hum raised over the thought of having to need patience. Is Presence what is usually needed more than patience?

I did some research about the Bible Verse that says patience is a fruit of the spirit, leading to the whole patience is a virtue adage. Patience, in the Bible seems like a recent replacement for the much old "long suffering" used in the King James Bible. Long suffering sounded worse to me than patience. But long suffering originated around 1500. I dug a little deeper. Then I saw something that "clicked" for me. What seemed to be a fruit of the spirit was not to really be long suffering, but to have a long temper...basically, don't be short tempered. I don't know anybody who would prefer to be short tempered. I learned a long time ago, when I worked with my little brother, not to necessarily say the first thing that came to mind. Over time I've learned not to even say the first 5 or 10 things :)

To be long-tempered instead of patient or long suffering felt right to me. How does it feel to you? Does it "click" for you? And by long tempered, I certainly don't mean to allow others to walk all over you. I think awareness of Presence and awareness of now brings Power. And powerful people are not seen as weak.

At the same time that long-tempered feels right in certain situations, it didn't seem to fit with the mom in my class, distraught with her kids. As it turns out, this take action mom went home and immediately choose short segments of time to be completely present with her kids. She instantly found out her kids really thrived when she spent a few minutes each afternoon reconnecting. The kids appeared to be filled up, nourished and satisfied with the attention and those potentially dreaded hours after school leading up to and after dinner went much more smoothly in her household. The kids felt nurtured enough to get to their homework and chores without much fuss. The entire atmosphere of the household felt more harmonious.

You may find blessings if you take a moment and ask: What situations in my life will benefit from being Present? Or consider areas where you feel impatient. Does choosing to be Present feel more accurate and powerful than needing patience?

Another friend of mine expressed deep impatience about not feeling sure of the next step to take in her life. She noted that she also felt doubt and fear. I know that doubt and fear are always connected with worry about the future. I decided to mention how Presence may be needed more than patience. It immediately resonated with her. She said that when she "leaped out of the moment" into the future that fear and doubt crept in. In Presence she felt great power.

For me, jumping into the future feels like I drop all my marbles (which can represent energy) and they scatter all over the place. Conversely, choosing to be centered in Presence is like drawing all the marbles and my energy magically back to me. I immediately feel Whole again.

Do you have doubt and fear in your life? How does it feel to gather yourself back into this Present moment? Do you feel stronger? Do you feel whole again? In reality all we ever have is Now. In Presence, we have power, in the future we give away our power. Are you ready to choose to step into your Powerful Presence? And when you would greatly benefit from being long tempered instead of short tempered are you willing to make the choice that feels better? I think creating a successful life is about making one choice after another that simply feels better! It works for me. All love and joy, Sheila Steplar

The Wonderful Message behind: You can't ride two horses with one ass, sugarbean.

Have you heard about the bible verse of not being able to serve two masters, God and money? Did it ever make you feel like God and money are opposed, like you can't have both? To me the verse represents Reese Witherspoon's character, Melanie, in Sweet Home Alabama. She thinks she is in love with two men and her daddy Earl says: you can't ride two horses with one ass, sugarbean.

Serving two masters has to do with conflict in life. You can't both love and live an illusion that includes sin, sickness, lack, death, grief, despair, worry, depression, hatred. The conflict of sitting on the fence between two worlds is almost worse than the sickness or despair. There is only one truth. You can't serve both God and money. You can't believe you are as God created you and illusion. There is only Love. There is only ease, love, joy and peace. There is only abundance. If you see anything else, you are seeking to prove an illusion. All it takes is one moment to become aware that there is truth and there is illusion. It only takes one moment of awareness to choose truth.

We all have stories about a sudden burst of awareness. We buy a certain car and then we see it everywhere. For me it was awareness of a new flower.

Last year I was driving through Mississippi and I saw the most beautiful flower: the trumpet vine. I stopped every twenty yards down the road to take pictures. They were all past their prime, but they were firmly entrenched in my memory. You can imagine my delight one day when I am sitting at my writing perch and something orange catches my eye. My goodness it looks like the buds of a trumpet! Sure enough over the course of a couple of days, I intently watched as the little orange pea size buds, grew long and then one glorious day the ends unfurled into a beautiful orange trumpet! I had manifested them right outside my window. And we have them down the street, although I never saw them until this year. I went kayaking on the same lake I have paddled many times and what do I see everywhere? Bright, beautiful orange trumpet vines!

Daily ask for Awareness of All that Is. Ask for Awareness of Love and Light. Ask for Awareness of Truth. Affirm you are willing to release illusion with ease. But in your heart of hearts seek awareness of goodness and beauty. Seek Awareness of harmony and balance. Seek for what you wish to see. Release the desire to seek proof of the illusion. Know when you feel conflict, it is a simple signal that you most likely caught between love and a moment of lovelessness. Allow love to overflow and fill the situation. Ask for and allow Awareness to show you Truth and Light.

Affirm: I AM in Harmony with all my cells who remember their perfection. I AM in Harmony with money, income, financial freedom, abundance and opulence. I AM in harmony with All that Is, already Is. With ease, I allow Awareness of All that Is. All Love and Joy, Sheila Steplar

Sheila's Easter Message

Now that Easter is behind us, I decided the share the Easter message I received this weekend. I always felt a bit inadequate around Easter. I never felt like I experienced the appropriate depth of emotions. Some books that I love have separate chapters devoted to Easter, such as A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson and Discover the Power Within by Eric Butterworth. The Easter chapters were not my favorite.

Then, a couple of days ago, I was asking the Universe or Universal Wisdom how to deal with guilt. I asked: How do I release guilt? The first answer that descended was Presence. Yes, this makes sense. When we are Present in this very moment, the past no longer exists. I was skeptical...yeh, but, how do I really release guilt? I actually did stuff wrong.

Again, the answer was immediate: in Truth you are Spirit. In Spirit there is Timelessness. And Spirit is Eternal and only Truth is Eternal. Matter, physical matter, our bodies, stuff, things, anything that takes up space or occupies time is finite, the opposite of eternal. Therefore it isn't truth, it isn't real and never was. Ok, I thought, this is getting closer to an answer that is transformative. I suddenly remembered the first time I read Emma Curtis Hopkins Book "Scientific Christian Mental Practice." In chapter 2 it talks about denials, such as there is no matter. We are going to make 12 short movies with the highlights of each chapter. You can check out the 1st two here.

I still asked for a more detailed answer. I knew in my heart it had to do with a deeper understanding of the Atonement, which is better when spelled: at-one-ment. I looked up the origin and I arrived upon an "aha" moment. It means to unite. All the lightbulbs over my head lit up. Guilt is the belief in separation. Separation is the ultimate illusion. It can't be Truth and only Truth is real.

Separation is believing we can be apart from God. This can never matter what you or I do or have done. No matter what, we are created in God's image.

Then I received the ultimate Easter message: The crucifixion is belief in separation. The crucifixion represents guilt, shame, belief in sin, ego, and hatred. Hate is bondage, just as crucifixion is bondage. The crucifixion is a sense of being bound instead of the truth of our Freedom. It is joyless instead of praiseful.

Then the symbolism of the resurrection filled my Being. The resurrection is at-one-ment. It is Love and guiltlessness. Can you even imagine guiltlessness? Now I can! It is happy and joyful, peaceful and loving. It is truly how we are born again. It is by the renewing of our mind.

As we are born again, born anew, we see beauty and so we become beauty. All that we see we become. We see intelligence, we become intelligence. We see abundance, we become abundance. We see good, we become good. We look up and see All That is. We see Allness, Eachness, Oneness.

Easter is to rise above limitation. Or as Eric Butterworth says on Easter Jesus "released his greater potential." "Awake thou that sleepest...and Christ shall shine upon thee" (Eph.5:14).

According to Eric Butterworth in DTPW, angels represent divine ideas. "They always refer to inspiration, to an experience in consciousness rather than in physical sight." (p. ) Except one be born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God" (John 3:3).

Emma Curtis Hopkins also states: There is no sin. That is a mouthful for most people to absorb or believe. If you look up the origin of the word sin it says: guilty. Haha. We already covered that! A Course in Miracles defines sin as a moment of lovelessness. Eric Butterworth says it is frustrated potential. Most preachers say it is missing the mark. How do you define sin? Thankfully, over the years since I first read "there is no sin" I have come to believe it. And now I have learned with the resurrection to release the last vestiges of guilt. Only the eternal remains and that is Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Wisdom, Freedom, Creation and every Good thing.

I hope you enjoyed my Easter message. If you have any questions or comments, please message me or email me. All love and joy, Sheila Steplar.

There is Good Within You and Within Me!

I have been focusing for months on the fact that God is Centered Within Me (GCWM.) I have been using this as my lens for seeing, speaking, hearing, doing and remembering. Recently, I tried substituting Good for God...there is Good Centered Within Me. I was shocked by how Good :) this feels. I allowed Goodness to fill my entire being, to fill every cell and every thought and memory. Soon Goodness permeated me until it expanded outward.

If any of you ever struggle with unworthiness, I urge you to try this: feel Good Centered Within You. Feel Good fill your heart and mind. Feel it fill your eyes and all that you see. Feel Good reach your ears and all that you hear. Feel Good reach your lips and every word you speak and goodness fills everything that you eat and drink. Feel Good fill your every cell, every organ, and all your joints and all your bones. Bring to mind memories and let Good fill them. Let your thoughts fill with Goodness.

Once you are filled to overflowing, take a moment and imagine that everyone can see inside of you and instead of being worried about what might be seen, know that only Goodness is seen. Goodness is complete absence of judgment. So when another looks within you and sees only Goodness, their Hum is raised and they begin to believe that Goodness is possible for them. This is how the world is changed one person at a time. Are you ready to see the truth of the Goodness within you and others?

Do you realize what a huge shift you just made? When we believe in unworthiness, we create more unworthiness. It is absolute Law. We literally create a train of unworthiness, as we add one unworthy thought to another. We look back and see unworthiness. We look forward and see unworthiness. We look at others and see unworthiness. Every unworthy thing you see is because you first believed in unworthiness. Nobody can make you unworthy but you. In Truth, God is Centered Within You; Good is Centered Within You. This is meant to be first cause. This is meant to be the only cause.

Are you willing to release the illusion of unworthiness, shame, guilt, and self-loathing? You are created in God's Image. All are created in God's Image. Unworthiness creates unwanted conditions, which continues to create more unwanted conditions, but none of it is based on Truth, so none of it is lasting. Only Goodness is eternal and changeless. Goodness is centered within you. Only you can put a veil over it. Ever notice that veil contains evil within it? Evil is simply the frustration of our Good. We innately desire so much good. As Emma Curtis Hopkins states: There is good for me and I ought to have it. We know Good is hidden within us and we are ever anxious to uncover it, but we don't realize how simple it is. We get to stand up in this moment and throw off the veil of illusion and choose to know the Truth that God is within. We get to remember that Goodness is within and it is from this Truth that we now create our tomorrow.

All that is visible is formed from our thoughts, whether it is an automobile or poverty, success or failure, health or sickness, joy or despondency. Nobody and no-thing is at fault except for first thought. Our parents are not at fault. The economy is not at fault. Our genetics are not at fault. Simply let your first thought be of Goodness, then follow that with more Goodness. Know that at your center is only Goodness, Allness, Wholeness, Oneness, God. You never ever have to worry about what another thinks of you because you are Goodness. You never have to worry about what to think of another because they are Goodness.

My next article will be about limitation or the illusion of limitation, including doubt and fear. Stay tuned! All joy, Sheila Steplar

Have you thought about how God
expresses as you and as me?

This morning, I woke up and was about to jump out of bed and remembered, I should start my day with thankfulness. I started thinking of things I am thankful for. I also looked around to see what I am thankful for. Before I could press my mind much more, there was a pressing on the bladder. But then I remembered that God is Centered Within Me (GCWM). Luke 17:21, I Cor. 3:16.

I decided to ask GCWM: How would you like me to start my day? Joy instantly filled my entire being without effort, striving, trying or one single 'should'.

Within minutes I was sitting at my perch, where I commune with the Divine, write, journal and behold what nature has to offer. Soon, the sky filled with beautiful colors, an array of clouds that displayed limitless creativity and I realized, this is one of the many ways God expresses as God. A whole new level of appreciation filled my eyes, mind and soul. Then I asked: God, how have you expressed as me before? Writing Journey 2 Joy, teaching, laughing, loving and other wonderful memories filled my mind. I asked: How do you want to express yourself to me today? Again, joy swept over my entire being.

Many of you know that I write Love Pages every day. My pen floated as it wrote words of joy, gratitude and bliss. Then this Post came into being.

GCWM has been my lens, my vantage point for a month or two and what an amazing vantage point it is! It allows me to be very Present. If a worry appears, I have a new tool. I simply ask GCWM, How do you see this worry? In Presence, I AM. The worry isn't present in Presence. Anything that appears that lowers my Hum, I ask GCWM, how do you see this? The communion that follows is instantaneous, loving, healing and always raises my Hum.

When good appears, from the vantage point of GCWM, joy washes over the good and it gets even better.

What is your vantage point each day, each moment? Does it serve you any longer?

How would your life look if you used GCWM as your vantage point? The following is part of my experience so far. Communion with the Divine is instant and all encompassing. It is surprising, expansive, filled with ease, love, joy and peace. At once it is Oneness, Allness, Eachness. It is you and it is me. Within this communion is wisdom, intuition, inspiration and happy synchronicity. The communion illumines All That Is. The All That Is, already is, and it is you and it is me.

GCWM is also practical. As I have said it has become my vantage point. When a problem arise, I see that the solution is one with the problem. They go hand in hand. Suddenly, the problem appears as more of an opportunity. Opportunity for what? Wisdom, growth, conscious choosing, conscious releasing.

GCWM is a great vantage point for our health. For one, resting in communion with the Divine knows only Health and Ease. It doesn't know dis-ease. How does it feel when you have a health issue and ask: GCWM: how do you see this? What appears in your mind? What do you feel? What do you see? Does Knowingness arise?

GCWM is a wonderful vantage point for your wealth and career. Ask: How do you see my investments? My career? How do you express through me in my everyday? Maybe you suddenly receive a clearer picture, or an old vision appears and you see the rightness of it.

GCWM is amazing with relationships. It brings you to the absolute Present moment with all people. Imagine not reacting from old baggage? Imagine seeing the Divine expressing through others? We are all created in God's image. Imagine being at ease with all.

Are you a to-do-list person? Ask: GCWM, how do you want to express as me on this list I am about to make? Try the same thing with any and all goals.

The benefits of the GCWM vantage point are endless, creative, expansive, joyful and freeing. It is communion. It is prayer. It is meditation. It is illumination. It is bliss. Is is Truth and it is remembering. And so it is. All joy, Sheila Steplar

An arrow shot into my heart and filled me with doubt...

We get so wounded. We take things oh so personally and then we make assumptions for dessert. At the time, at the moment of impact, when the arrow shoots into our hearts, it feels like there is no other choice.

I remember once when I was teaching a class. A very prominent and eager student sat in the very front row. As I began going through the days lesson plan, she took out the worlds tiniest notebook. It was a much smaller version than the one Reese Witherspoon's character in Legally Blonde took out of her purse in her first class at Harvard Law School, but it was equally whimsical in nature. I couldn't help noticing how small the notebook was. It actually affected my train of thought and concentration. I thought to myself, "Is the information I am presenting that unimportant? If it is...why bother?"

The class was 50 minutes long. I spent hours preparing for the class. I kept my eye on her the whole time. She sat on the edge of her seat. Was she engaged or ready to go? She didn't take a single note. As soon as class finished she departed at the speed of light. Yet the arrow in my heart stayed put for a long time. Thoughts of that tiny empty notebook haunted me and my confidence. I wondered, did I do my best? Was my best not good enough? Why should I bother teaching at all? At the time, as long as the arrow stayed stuck, I saw nothing but doubt, crushed confidence, and maybe a future as a truck driver.

Now, anybody who knows me, knows I have been been on a spiritual journey. It has been a journey to joy, a journey to peace and love and self-love. I have moved into more freedom and bliss yet some arrows prick the darkness of doubt and disbelief. The doubt clouds my path, chases the stillness of light and truth.

Then one day an old word beckons me with the dawn of a new day: Ease. Ease never feels easy for those who strive and strain, yet Ease feels so good. It soothes my heart and mind and soul. And finally on the dawn of this new day, Ease seeped into the wound of the arrow. For the first time I could look upon that moment, that notebook with lightness, with a smile and yes, with Ease. The darkness of the wound, of taking things personally and making assumptions, clouded my mind from seeing from another vantage point, a better vantage point. But thankfully Ease found its way to me, lighting up my day, lightening my mood and illuminating my past with the light of present Ease. Where there was doubt, now there is humorous Ease as I remember the comically small notebook so full of emptiness, yet now full of Ease.

Where in your life can Ease heal a wound, illuminate the darkness of doubt or free you from taking something personally or making assumptions? Ease, it healed my wound, my perception, my memory. Will it heal yours? Sheila Steplar

Change isn't meant to be hard!

Change isn't meant to be hard. We have made it hard. Our whole life is a process of becoming. When you make a recipe, a drink or a smoothie and it isn't quite right, do you moan and groan about how hard it is too add more salt or not as much salt next time? NO. Every moment we are literally shifting to be more comfortable. Do we hesitate to get more comfortable in a chair? No! How many people buy a new car and never adjust the seat? We are like mad scientists when we get behind the steering wheel of a new car. We become mad multi-taskers. One hand is moving the seat position, another hand adjusts the mirror, and the stereo is set to please you and the steering wheel position is at your command. Yet, with our thoughts we have decided change is so hard!

We have to go to therapy, we have to dredge up our whole lives, we have to cry, and writhe in agony to change a thought. But do we? Our have we decided just a certain category of thoughts are impossible to change? Have you ever thought you were going to run 6 errands and you only ran 5? Did you have a meltdown? No. You made a change because the reward of getting home a bit sooner was more appealing than running one more errand. At some point a collective decision was made to bugle throughout all of consciousness that change is hard. It is hard to quit smoking. How many of you know someone who quit cold-turkey and never looked back!?

I spent decades believing I was unlovable until one day I decided on a different belief: I am loved and adored. Have you ever reached a point where you decided to make a wholesale change in an area of your life?

One day Catherine and I got tired of room after room of white walls even though we thought we'd never do a home improvement project ever again after we sold the Inn. Then suddenly we found ourselves painting one room after another after another. The low hum of the white walls eventually propelled us to something that felt better: a house of happiful colors.

We are meant to shift each moment into something better. We are wired to create, we are wired to feel good. We are wired to look for beauty. We are wired to make our favorite foods just right...even if we are ordering at Subway. That is a perfect example of tweaking our favorite sandwich. We can see all the choices. And eventually we may order it the exact same way for a long time. The same with Starbucks. How many have perfected their Starbucks order!?

Why can't we choose to belief that perfecting our emotions is no different? Last night while lying in bed, I noticed a low hum flow across my consciousness. Immediately I was aware of choices. I could entertain the low Hum, nourish it, bemoan it, judge it and me or I could choose from a huge menu of better feelings. I chose a Higher Hum and fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

When you get into a disagreement, you can decide, I am tired of the same old outcome to a disagreement. I will smile at ego and peacefully resolve this situation. Smiling at ego is a secret Power. You can even wink at it ;) Suddenly you see the illusion behind ego when you wink at it. You see how laughable it was when it was decided change is hard. It is no harder than adding a splash of hazelnut or extra salt.

When you sense anxiety or worry, you can say No, I am tired of you. I don't like that recipe any longer. I will add more sugar to my life and make it sweeter. I am tired of that heavy sauce. I want a light sauce now, a fruity wine instead of a Cabernet.

Set Intentions to dwell in the ease of what exists already instead of trying to fill the gap of a perceived lack. All that Is, already is. Now you have to connect to the energy of it. Now is the time to ask for wisdom and Inspired Action to release blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you from connecting to all that already is.

Half of the time we are afraid to let go of the same ole, same ole because we fear it will get worse. I don't see how it can get worse if you consciously are choosing what raises you Hum. If each moment you are choosing to more joy, more beauty, more ease, more peace, more love, how can you create something worse than ruts, old habits and patterns? You can only be stuck if you don't choose Presence. Once you get into the Power of the Present Moment and ask: What will raise my Hum right now, you become a conscious creator. You are no longer stuck, no longer a victim, and no longer powerless. Now you are flowing in Universal Energy, you are a creator and you are powerful. We shift naturally every moment, why decide a certain area is hard? If you decide it is hard, guess what? It is hard. If you decide change is easy and natural, it becomes so. Be the Creator you are meant to be! Blessings of Love, Joy, Peace and Light, Sheila Steplar

A Season of Gentleness

Today is my birthday and I am starting a new Love Page journal. I love, love, love my Love Pages. For this next season in my life I am going to focus on gentleness. As many of you know I love the book Animal Speak. I was recently on a little road trip and a waxwing bird visited me. For me the message of the waxwing was Gentleness. I have also been told since that Deer represents Gentleness as well. This means I have been given a double message for Gentleness. Gentle can mean kind and tender, not harsh or severe. But it came from Gentile, meaning highborn, noble, of the same clan, or nobly born. Wow. That is a lot of information.

Do you view yourself with Gentleness, kindness and tenderness? Apparently I need some help with this. But it feels so good when I take a moment and allow Gentleness to fill my mind, body and soul. It feels so good when I bathe my past in Gentleness and see my future only through eyes of Gentleness. It feels good to feel good!

Do you spend too much time trying too hard, striving, competing, and comparing, that you don't even recognize how wonderful Gentleness feels? How often do you think of looking upon another with Gentleness? Do you look upon work, co-workers, situations and events with Gentleness? I know how easy it is to have my head filled with judgments and opinions. I also know how much better it feels to release judgment and opinions and choose Love and now Gentleness.

I love animals, birds, insects and reptiles and have frequent and wonderful encounters with all kinds of creatures great and small. But recently I got a negative message about these very same creatures. It has weighed heavily upon me. He, in a very frustrated and harsh manner said I am not allowing in Gentleness. I wondered immediately if the message was for him.

It is funny how people express concern. I remember getting shouted at when I got hurt playing sports. Once and for all I can choose to place a layer of Gentleness over the frustrated man, over me, over you. I can set the intention to let Gentleness filter my eyesight, my words, my hearing, my thoughts. Today and for the next season of my life, I can choose Gentleness. I choose again to see all creatures great and small with eyes of Gentleness.

The origin of the word Gentleness also has to do with being of the same clan. This reminds me of the Truth of our Oneness. It is so easy to fall into the routine of me against them, us against them. Do you ever hesitate about buying anything from China? That is a subtle us against them thought pattern. Do you ever hesitate to help another human as if you helping them will actually diminish yourself in some way?

The Truth is we really are One. There is Universal Love, Joy and Peace. There is Universal Wisdom that we all get to tap into. If, in Gentleness, I recognize I am One with you, there is peace, not competition. If I know nothing is diminished by giving, I feel expansive. To withhold simply doesn't feel good.

Will you join me in choosing Gentleness for this next season in your life? I hope so! All love and joy, Sheila Steplar

The Power of Smiling

I was pretty much in a funk this morning. An obsessive thinking kind of funk. My mind was mired in low vibration thinking. I was even journaling about being in a funk. A relatively low vibration thought crossed my mind and the thought amused me so I found myself smiling. The smile was enough to break my funk, break the pattern of compulsive thinking and basically completely shift my mood.

I have taught for years that the simplest most powerful JoyStream exercise is to turn up the corners of your mouth. And it was such a happy surprise to find another positive outcome. The best part is, now that I know I have a tool for getting out of funks, I am that much more powerful. Sound too simplistic? If simple works, why make it complex? Smiling is Powerful. Even right in this moment, post-funk, I am already feeling better, but if I turn up the corners of my mouth, I feel even better. What is the message? If we pay attention to how we feel, we can make better, more conscious choices to raise our vibration, to elevate our mood, to consciously create our tomorrow.

I have heard people say, "Well, I can't control how I feel." Of course you can. Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist who suffered a stroke, wrote in "My Stroke of Insight," that it takes our bodies about 90 seconds to process an emotion, then it is up to us how we react after the 90 seconds. I have found that it doesn't even take 90 seconds.

I had a flash of anger yesterday that actually kind of frightened me. I took a few moments and asked for wisdom. I wrote for a few moments and traced the anger to a very young age. Then I asked for more wisdom to create an exercise for me to release the anger, basically recreating that moment. The exercise was simple, powerful and effective. (If you want more info on the exercise email me or message me on FB.) The source of the anger was surprising and completely took me off guard. The anger was deeply and firmly rooted around surprisingly fresh feeling wounds. Yet with Awareness and Wisdom, the Power of the Present Moment and enough self-love to process the flash of anger, I was able to make a conscious choice to feel better.

So whether you are in a momentary funk, a long standing funk, depressed, bummed out, grieving, overwhelmed, stressed, worried, angry or fearful, you have so much power to make a choice that serves you better right in this moment. Do you desire to consciously create a better life? The choice really is yours, right in this powerful, present moment. To your joy, Sheila Steplar

The Miracle of Neutrality...Yes Neutrality

So much of The JoyStream is about finding relief, choosing relief. We have the choice and power to choose a feeling that feels a bit better than our habitual feelings, thoughts or patterns. When we notice that something doesn't feel good, maybe an action, thought or feeling is lowering your Hum, take a moment and ask Wisdom for an action, thought or feeling that serves you better, feels better, provides relief. This simple act of being present with how you feel unleashes great power. In Presence, in the now, we are if but for a moment free of worry and stress. The past and future fade while we are in Presence.

We may notice that in a moment when we are judging ourself or another that judgment doesn't feel so good. As we ask for a better choice than judgment let me introduce you to the choice of neutrality. Neutrality is not a sexy choice, but we are looking for relief. As a side note, each time we choose relief, each time we choose to feel better it becomes accumulative. If we live on a scale of 1-1000 and judgment is 50 yet concern is over 200, that is a huge leap in relief. As we choose to create a pattern of relief, soon we will be choosing from a higher place on the scale...a higher rung on the ladder. Soon, we are used to feeling better and as we choose a feeling of relief from the higher rung, soon we are choosing from the 300 range, when we started at 50.

Back to neutrality. Neutrality is a choice much higher than judgment on the ladder. Say it is about 250. Bring to mind any situation that annoys you, frightens you, worries you, or stresses you out. Bring the word neutrality into your mind, turn up the corners of your mouth, take a long slow deep breath of neutrality~pure blissful neutrality. The situation is no longer good or bad. Your body is no longer good or bad. Your job is no longer good or bad. Your relationships are no longer good or bad. Your mind chatter quiets. You are simply neutral. Feels pretty good doesn't it!?

For me, the stress and tension almost immediately drain from my body. If the chatter returns, I simply bring neutrality back to mind and the stress and tension once again drain.

There are so many benefits of the awareness of neutrality. There is one person in my life who's appearance almost offends my eyes. I always felt terrible seeing another human in this way. Now I have a simple tool to use: I can simply choose neutrality when this person comes to mind.

The awareness of labels such as good and bad is important. Everything in our lives in clothed in labels. Expensive and Cheap. Fat and skinny. Rich and poor. Healthy and sick. Tall and short. Labeling is part of duality. In my heart of hearts I wonder if eating from the proverbial tree of good and evil is when we allow duality into our lives. Duality leads to comparing and competing. I think there is a better more joyful way. I think the simple concept of neutrality leads to a blissful sense of freedom from constant labeling.

Whenever a comparing or competing situation full of labels comes to mind, take a moment and rest in the simple miracle of neutrality. Enjoy another moment of freedom from the constant chatter in the brain. Notice how you feel awash in neutrality instead of judgment. Notice how good relief feels. We always have a choice to feel better, see better, hear better, think better, remember better, act better. Who knew neutrality could feel so good. Who knew we had so many choices. Can you imagine how good we will feel when we allow Love to guide how we feel, see, hear, think, remember and act? For now, play around with neutrality. It is a very powerful tool. It is the miracle of neutrality. All joy, Sheila Steplar

Comparing and Competing by Sheila Steplar

Whenever we look to the left and compare and look to the right and compete it sends a message to the Universe that we are lacking, disconnected and out of tune with the natural harmony of the Universe. In reality, I believe the truth is simple. If we look to the left and see someone is thriving in a way we are not, we can choose a better lens to look through. If another person is thriving, it is meant to point the way to possibilities for everyone. If it is possible for one person, it is possible for everyone.

So now, when you look to the left to compare, see hope that if it is possible for her, it is possible with me. It is like having an older sibling pave the way for you. It is usually easier for each younger sibling to gain permission once an older sibling fought for more freedom.

If you'd like you can google the Hundredth Monkey theory. Basically it is like if 100 older siblings gain permission then it almost becomes Universally permissible. If one monkey learns a new way to crack open a food source, once the 100th monkey learns how to do it, all Monkeys, even Monkeys on other islands or continents have access to the Universal information on how to do it.

Viewing another person who is thriving can feel expansive with hope to you instead of feeling contractive like scarcity or pity feel. Our feelings really are a great compass for us. If a habitual feeling lowers our Hum, at any moment we can make a choice that serves us better. Comparing doesn't vibrate at a high level. Neither does competing. They are both based on a system of scarcity and limits. Yet all you need to do is take a look out the window and know the natural order is abundance. Rarely do you see one single wild flower. They simply grow wild!

In every situation there are multiple lenses through which we can choose to view the situation. If you struggle with this, ask your Higher Power for assistance. We are never alone. There is so much guidance for us. There is so much love for us. You can even allow Love to be your Guide. In any moment you can ask: is there a more loving way to view this person? Is there a more loving way to view myself? Is there a more loving way to view this situation? Love is a powerful Guide.

Now when you look to the left to compare, you can turn up the corners of your mouth and know they are simply helping to pave your path to success. The path is for everyone, unless you make the choice it isn't for you. All you need to do is spend a second feeling that way and know you can make a better choice. Our journey here is meant to be Joyful. Joy is truly a choice. And when you look to the right to compete, know again that you can turn up the corners of your mouth and see the abundance of nature. Competing is based on scarcity and limits, yet the Truth of who you are is based on Limitless supply. Doesn't this feel better!? Sending you Love, Joy and Peace always. Sheila Steplar

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