The JoyStream Team
Behind the Scenes

Sheila Steplar:

The JoyStream Team is led by Sheila Steplar. She is the founding member of the JoyStream and the host of The JoyStream TV. She has been a life long seeker of truth. As she studied world religions in undergraduate and graduate classes, she always sought the Truth and found the commonalities of life. She saw a common thread in all religions that tied them to the same Source… God. She loves teaching others through Keynote Speeches, seminars and workshops.

After learning about the Law of Attraction, Sheila’s life changed dramatically from a life long struggle with clinical depression to a life full of Joy, Peace, and Inspired Action. By discovering The JoyStream exercise, she accessed peace for the first time which allowed her to know that joy is a choice. Her desire to grow allows her to be able to help others in their search for truth.

Sheila is a Health and Wealth coach. In 2000, she trained with Coaches Training Institute. Her strengths as a coach are her intuition, practicality and ability to see the big picture. Her intuition allows her clients to reach their goals quickly and easily. She will give you practical tools to improve the quality of your life, your relationships and your career. Don't stay bogged down with ineffective habits, limiting beliefs and routines that no longer serve your best interests. Contact Sheila now for a free coaching session email

She is also a member of Reddy Talkers Toastmasters. When you need a keynote speaker, workshop leader or motivational seminar, contact Sheila. She can motivate and inspire you and your team to reach goals, create Health and Wealth, and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Here are just a few of the powerful topics Sheila covers:

  • Know Your Power, Be Your Power!

  • Journey 2 Success

  • 30 days (at a time) to Health and Wealth.

  • Powerful Yet Simple Steps Towards Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Depression

To schedule a dynamic, powerful, life changing and humorous speaker email:

Catherine McCormick: Creativity Director

Catherine is the creative force behind The JoyStream LLC. But don't let the title fool you. She is also the Organizational Director of The JoyStream. She is in charge of creating all of the JoyStream Products, she organizes all of our events, and she leads dynamic workshops with people of all ages. Also, she has become a jack of all trades. She is now a proficient video editor, video creator. She is fearless. If some new skill needs to be learned, she is ready, willing and able. Maybe her most outstanding quality is that she can't help but do her best with every single task before her. And with The JoyStream, there is an endless amount of tasks.

She has had a very full life. She was Director of Volunteers in Haiti for 18 months. Talk about having to think on her feet! Ask her to tell you some of her stories. She has also traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa.

But what makes her most excited is working with kids. Whether she was a missionary or a Montessori teacher, she is passionate about children. But she also is great with people in general. She’s worked in a great outdoor store helping people buy supplies for camping, rafting, and expedition trips to Mount Kilimanjaro. She’s also owned a Bed and Breakfast by the Canadian border. Catherine loves experiencing all that life has to offer. She says, “When I came across the Law of Attraction I knew it was something very special and life changing. As I applied these principles, wonderful people came into my life, doors opened for more growth and new experiences.”

Catherine’s relationships with family and friends improved and grew deeper than ever before. It was an exciting day when she realized her life was completely transforming on this miraculous journey. The JoyStream allows her to open her mind up to more that God has to offer her. She has learned what it is to truly listen to God, her Source and trust in what she is learning as truth. She’s also learned to believe in herself. As a member of The Joy Team, Catherine’s desire is to help others find their own JoyStream and become the person God has destined them to be. Catherine, also an award winning Toastmaster, is available as a keynote speaker relating to the JoyStream AND she is available as a hilarious entertaining speaker as the beloved Mae Rhetta Cheapo. Email:

Co-host of The JoyStream TV

Angela Wilson:

Angela Wilson is a holistic healer and wellness coach. Angela's passion is empowering others to heal their lives. She began her career in health and wellness fourteen years ago as a licensed massage and bodywork therapist. Her love of healing and interest in the body/mind/spirit connection led her to study healing techniques from indigenous cultures around the world. She is a Reiki Master, Kumu Huna Master and Shamanic Healer. She is a graduate of Body Therapy Institute, School of Esoteric Healing and Earthstar Spiritual Center's Shamanic Mystery School.Angela is currently the director and co-owner of The School of Esoteric Healing and she teaches continuing education at Natural Touch School of Massage Therapy. Angela studied the healing philosophy of Louise Hay and is a certified Heal Your Life instructor. She is a licensed esthetician and is the founder and former owner of Elements Day Spa. Angela offers corporate wellness programs, healing classes, seminars and motivational speaking events. She has a private healing practice in Winston Salem, NC.


Angela Wilson Sherrill, LMBT School of Esoteric Healing director.

Healing Workshops, Private Sessions and Wellness Coaching

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