Reveal Your True Power

Are you ready to release weakness, apathy, failure and step into your True Power? I know that the truth of who you are is Powerful. We are rarely taught the truth. What do I mean by Truth? For me, truth is eternal and unchanging. If you think you are shy, you tell people you are shy, and you provide evidence of being shy, how you see yourself will manifest. However, shy isn't eternal. Are you always shy, in every single moment? Of course not. It is simply a habit, a limiting belief based on a false premise. All you have to do is be willing to change the premise to a powerful Truth.

Are you ready to become Powerful? Do you wonder where to begin? It begins with Awareness. What are your current beliefs, habits and patterns? Do you feel unlucky? Unhealthy? Do you feel like you never catch a break? These are weak patterns. With awareness you can make better choices of new Powerful habits.

Do You Use Power Words?

Are you aware of your standard vocabulary when it comes to self-talk? Are you aware of what words you use when you tell the story of your life to others? Once you choose to become aware of your choice of vocabulary, you will begin to consciously create. Start taking a mental or actual inventory of words you habitually use. Are they weak or are they powerful? You may uncover limiting words you use based on the beliefs you hold about yourself.

Powerful words, lead to powerful thoughts, which lead to powerful actions and creations. You are what you think. Are you ready to make choices that serve you better? Take some time and look through the words. Pick out a couple that raise your HUM. Choose to add them to your self talk and how you talk about yourself to others.

List of Power Words

Ability Abundant Accept, Accepting Acknowledge Accomplished Action Adore, adoring Adventure Affirm, Affirming, Affirmation Agreeable Align, Alignment Alive Allow, Allowing Amaze, Amazing, Amazement Angels, Angelic Appreciate, Appreciative Approving Ask, Asking Astonishment Attain Attitude (I get to choose an attitude that serves me better.) Attract, Attraction, Attractive Authentic, Authentic Self Available Awakening Aware, Awareness Awesome

Balanced Beauty, Beautiful Becoming Being, Inner Being Believing Beneficial Best Better (I choose to feel better and better every day) Big (How can I play big in this situation?) Bless, blessed, blessings Bliss Bountiful Breath, Breathe Bright Brilliant

Calming Capable (I am more than capable of...) Carefree Cherish Choosing, Choices Clarity, Clear Comfort Commitment Commune, Communicate Compassion, Compassionate Community Complete, Completion Confident Connect, Connecting Conscious, Consciousness Considerate Conspire (the universe conspires to bring me my desires) Constructive Courageous Create, Creation, Creator, Creative, Creativity Curious

Decide (Power of I decide!) Delicious Delight, Delightful Desires Determined Devoted Divine Dream

Ease, Easy, Easily Embrace, Embracing Emerge, Emerging Empower! Endow Engage (I am engaging and magnetic) Express (I express my truth easily) Enchanting Encouraging Energy, Energetic, Energized EnJoy, EnJoyment Enlighten Elevate (What can I do to elevate my mood? Turn up the corners of my mouth :) Enlivening Enthusiasm Envisioning Eternal Excellence Exceptional Excited, Exciting, excitement Expansive Expect, Expecting: I have positive expectations and make positive assumptions

Faith Fantastic Fertile Flexible Flow, Flowing Focus Forgiving Free, freedom Fresh Full, Fullness, Fulfillment, Fulfilling Fun

Generous Genius (I allow my genius to emerge) Gentle, Gentleness (I see myself with Gentleness and Ease) Gift, Gifted Giggle Giving God, Gods Goddess Good, Goodness Gracious Grateful, Gratitude Great, Greater, Greatness Guides

Harmonious, Harmony Happy, Happiness Healing Health, Healthful Heart Heights (I reach new heights with ease) Helpful Heroic Higher Power Holistic Holy Honest Honoring Hope, Hopeful Hum (vibrational hum) Humorous

Impartial Imagine, Imagination Incredible Infinite Ingenious Inheritance Inner Being Innovate, Innovative Inquisitive Insightful Inspired, Inspirational Intend, Intentional Intuitive Inventive Invincible Inviting Irresistible

Journey Joy, Joyful JoyStream...Are you in it? Just Jubilant

Kind Knowledge

Laughter Leading Liberty, Liberating, Libertas Life, Life affirming Light, Lighter, Lightness Limitless Loved Ones Love, Loving, Lovingly Loyal

Magical, Magically Magnetic, Magnetize Magnificent Manifest, Manifestation Masterpiece, Masterful Meditative Miraculous More (This or something more or better.)

Natural, Naturally Neutrality New (What new belief would serve me better?) Noble Nurturing

Observe, Observing Offer Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent One, Oneness Open Opportunity Optimistic Orderly Orgasmic Outgoing

Passionate Patient (or better yet, Presence!) Peace, Peaceful, Peaceful Face :) Perspective (I ask for a new perspective) Playful Positive Possible, Possibility Powerful Praising Present, presence, Presence Prolific Prosper, Prosper, Prosperous Pure, Purity Purposeful

Quiet, Quieting

Receiving Receptive Recognize (my magnificence) Reconnecting Recreate Recreation Redeem Rediscover Reflect Refresh, Refreshing Rejoicing Rejuvenate Relate, Relating Relax Release, Releasing (I release my Limiting Beliefs easily and naturally.) Reliant Relief Realize (the Truth of who I am and who you are.) Remarkable Remember (the truth of who I am) Requesting Respectful Responsible Restore Reveal (the truth of who I am) Rewarding Richness Rhythm

Sacred Self Safety (I intend for safety, Joy and smooth Sailing.) Satisfied, Satisfaction Savor Selective Serene, Serenity Serving Sharing Shine Simple, Simply Sincere Smooth, Smoothly (as in smooth sailing) Soar, Soaring Solitude Solutions Source Spontaneous Springing Spirit, Spiritual, Spirit Steadfast Stillness Strong, Strength Stunning Success, Successful, Successful Self Surrender Synchronistic, Synchronicity

Tender Thanks, Thankful, Thankfulness Thoughtful Thriving Timelessness Tolerant Trusting Truth, Truthful, Truth Self

Unconditional Undeniable Unifying United, Union Universe, Universal

Valuing, Valuable Virtue Vital, Vitality

Warm Wealth Welcoming Wellness Willing, Willingness Wisdom Wonderful, Wondrous Worthy Wow

Yahoo Yay Yes Yippee

Zany :) Zeal (I pursue my dreams with great zeal!) Zest

Powerful Questions

Powerful Questions are an underused tool. They are great for moving and shifting stagnant energy. It may open your mind to a new useful vantage point. It usually will provide you with valuable information. Here are just a few questions I use.

  1. What do I want for my end result?
  2. How can I provide value in this situation?
  3. How would it look if I chose to do my best?
  4. Am I enjoying myself?
  5. Am I being present in this situation?
  6. Am I bringing the past into this?
  7. Am I passionate about this?
  8. Do I have enough information?
  9. What is the next logical step?
  10. Am I selling myself short?
  11. If so, where?
  12. Is there something I need to learn?
  13. What assumptions am I making?
  14. Are my assumptions based on a True premise?
  15. Can I make some positive assumptions?
  16. What lens am I currently wearing?
  17. Would a different lens help?
  18. Would a different vantage point help?
  19. Will saying Yes be beneficial here?
  20. Will saying No be a greater benefit?
  21. What is for the higher or highest good?
  22. Do I have to be right?
  23. Do they have to be wrong?
  24. Is there a better vantage point?
  25. If I were more playful, how would this look?
  26. Can I be lighter about this?
  27. Would it be beneficial to sleep on it?
  28. Am I determined to succeed?
  29. Am I willing to use intuition?
  30. Am I aware of limiting beliefs?
  31. Am I willing to release limiting beliefs?
  32. What are the opportunities in this situation?
  33. What do I have to offer in this situation?
  34. What is needed from me in this situation?
  35. What does my boss/team/family need from me?
  36. Am I willing to provide what is needed?
  37. If not, why not?
  38. Am I being petty or powerful?
  39. Am I choosing better or bitter?
  40. Am I willing to change my labels?
  41. Am I willing to embrace positive change?
  42. If I knew I'd succeed, what would I do?
  43. Am I ready to be successful?
  44. What holds me back?
  45. Am I willing to use my imagination to see my Power?

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