Anxiety attack symptoms may be scary. But there is always hope.

Anxiety attack symptoms can make you feel like you are out of control. This poem tells one person's tale of anxiety.

Anxiety for me
is like having my head bombarded with warfare...
it's like dozens of tiny bombers
coming at my head from different directions...
my heart races,
yet while my chest constricts,
my head is on heightened alert.

If i think about my anxiety,
my chest falls into the pit of my stomach,
right into my special worry pit.
I can feel the acid eat me alive.
I'm out of control,
I feel like I wanna die.
Yet my head won't let me,
it's on the ready,
ready to defend, to duck, or hide.
Anxiety bombards me,
I have no time to die,
besides, I can't think straight,
with these bombs coming so near my eyes.

I decide I am at war,
I must act like a soldier.
I focus my eyes like the marines in the commercials,
I slow my breathing,
allowing air to completely fill my chest before I exhale.
The puffing up of my chest
somehow gives me courage.
I work so hard on focusing my eyes,
the concentration works miracles...
the bombing of my brain ceases.

I continue my focus and I notice
my chest is no longer in my stomach,
but back where it belongs.
I have survived.

Almost anything can cause stress and stress can lead to anxiety. The problem may or may not lie within our own lives, but the events and situations in our loved ones lives may affect us. Issues that can produce anxiety attack symptoms are poor health, (or did the stress lead to the poor health...something to ponder...) a recent diagnosis, relationships, jobs, income, death, lives. It may be divorce, crime, lawsuits, taxes, holidays, company, drug and alcohol abuse, the economy, the state of our country. Continued levels of stress and worry can lead to more and more anxiety.

Professionals often say anxiety is so powerful because we may not know the cause of it. The unknown can always lead to fear and anxiety. This is where the Inner Being Exercise comes in handy. The Inner Being Exercise helps the unknown to become know. The short version of the Inner Being Exercise is to quiet your mind and ask for wisdom to know what is causing the anxiety. There is more on the Inner Being Exercise in Journey 2 Joy: Personal Development for Busy People or in The JoyStream Journal. Once we know the cause, we can deal with it more effectively.

What are the symptoms of anxiety? You may have one or more of the following anxiety attack symptoms:

  • increase heart rate or palpitations
  • sweating
  • muscle tension
  • upset or churning stomach
  • diarrhea
  • headache
  • backache or neck ache
  • numbness or pins and needles in extremities

It is up to your good judgment if you need to see a doctor. It is your decision to use medication. Again, take a moment and ask for wisdom.

I have found like in the poem above, we can learn to control the symptoms of anxiety, even if we don't know the cause.

Here are some tips for treating anxiety The tips are easy and affective ways and steps to take to take control of stressful situations. You are always get to choose a better feeling. Take control today and reduce your stress and anxiety easily and and naturally.

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