What are the causes of frustration? They are as varied as snowflakes!

What are the causes of frustration? That is exactly what I asked my Facebook community. The unedited answers included:

  • Sitting in traffic
  • Looking for parking places
  • Service providers (wait staff etc) who provide bad service and don't care
  • Business professionals who don't return phone calls
  • Husbands not replacing the toilet paper or the empty roll
  • Crystal light packets that wll not open.
  • Stopping when a funeral procession is going buy at carpool time (feel free to drive when I die)
  • Incompetence and tech problems are at the top of my list!
  • I wanted to check relationships but it is former relationships that are REALLY frustrating

All of the above can be irritating, and I am sure I can come up with more. Relationships can cause frustration. People can fib, disappoint, renege, argue, disagree, annoy, irritate and more. Conflict within relationships can cause frustration especially if it is the same conflict over and over again.

If we can't do something, like make a computer program work right, or we can't reach something, or can't clasp a necklace, or can't learn quickly enough we get frustrated. The list is literally endless.

But basically the cause of frustration is us. That answer surprised me as I wrote it! Let me give you an example of me being the cause of frustration! For years I didn't wear necklaces with small clasps because I couldn't get the stupid necklace on. I could feel my temperature rise, my irritation rise, and my frustration level went through the roof.

Why couldn't I hook the clasp? Because at some point I decided I couldn't. Wow. How powerful is that. At some point I decided I couldn't hook a clasp and therefore I could not.

The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on we get. So I focused on not being able to hook the clasp and I literally could not.

I always got frustrated by traffic. I went to great lengths to avoid potential traffic situations. I frequently drive from North Carolina to Massachusetts. If anybody has driven Interstate 95 through the northeast USA, you understand traffic. I can't tell you how many times I turned on local radio stations to hear traffic on the 8's or traffic on the 10's. Then I'd make a radical change in my route, get hopelessly lost or in a worse mess. I knew I'd hit traffic and I did.

We all have situations in our lives where we gear up for the worst. When we assume what can go wrong will, it does. We already know that frustration does not feel good. But if I cause the frustration, I can just as easily remedy the situation now that I know about The JoyStream. I know how to feel good. I am actually used to feeling good. So now when my temperature starts to rise, when I feel the goodness leave my body, I have a mini "aha" moment. I can make a better decision.

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