Dealing With Frustration Is Easy Because Frustration Feels So Crumby!

Dealing with frustration is easy because it is a pattern. And once we are aware of a pattern, especially a pattern that doesn't feel good, it is easy to shift to a new pattern that feels better. Frustration feels terrible so dealing with it is actually fun and easy to shift. It is remarkably simple to transform. Once you get used to feeling better, you will become aware you are frustrated.

One day I was vacuuming dog hair off of the futon. You might of thought I was fighting for my life based on how hard I was dragging the vacuum over the dog hair. I became aware of the increased tension, cracked myself up as I realized how hard I was working and simply released the tension and the dog hair disappeared.

So now that I was aware I felt frustrated, I could deal with it. I acknowledged my awareness, which was easy because it cracked me up and I made a better feeling choice. I chose to relax my fierce grip on the vacuum, I relaxed my muscles and I laughed at myself the rest of the time I cleaned the futon.

Another time I was scrubbing the stove top. Again I felt a build up of tension, knowing that I'd develop carpal tunnel or something worse if I didn't relax. Now that I notice when I feel frustrated it is easy to laugh at myself, and I chose to move into Danielson zen mode...and did more of a wax-on, wax-off motion and the stove-top never looked better and I saved myself from probable surgery!

Once we become aware that frustration is most likely a big part of our everyday life, we will love the freedom of leaving frustration behind. Simply pay attention to how you feel. You always get to choose a better feeling. Soon you will get used to feeling better and can easily make better choices throughout your day.

One of my favorite ways of dealing with frustration is energy alignment. That is really a big part of The JoyStream exercise. I can align with what I am doing by simply stating, "I align with the task at hand."

I align by choosing the best in that situation. There is much science has to offer concerning Law of Attraction. Many of you have probably heard of Heart Math. There is evidence pointing to our hearts having a brain. Our heart and brain is in constant contact. So I am in the habit of raising my hand between my heart and head and visualizing them in alignment. It feels really good when I do this. There is power in choosing alignment.

Now I know to align with traffic. I have my favorite traveling affirmation "I intend for safety, joy and smooth sailing" and I stick with my path. There is great power in deciding to stay the course.

Most success in life has to do with our choices. Now if I am traveling along Interstate 95 and see a sea of brake lights, I align with my route, I align with smooth sailing, I turn up the music, and relax. My trips have never been so smooth, easy and fast!

All joy, Sheila Steplar

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