Authentic Self: How would you look if you discarded all the labels you have put on yourself? How would you feel if you discarded all the labels others have given you? You live in a label-filled world. I know that at the base of you is your Divine Inheritance of Joy, Creativity and Freedom. You are love, kindness and compassion. You are powerful, courageous and constructive. You are worthy and peaceful. These characteristics are the essence of who you truly are. This is the foundation of your existence. This is your Authentic Self.

Divine Inheritance: I believe we are all created in God’s Image. This means you have an incredible inheritance. You came to this earth as love, joy and peace. You came with a desire to create and desire for freedom. You were created good. To act out your Divine Inheritance is to be powerful, positive and constructive. You are able to connect at all times with God. When you don’t connect with God, you close the Passageway. You feel lonely, depressed, fearful and needy. When you remember your Divine Inheritance, you open the Passageway; you feel love, joy, peace and creativity.

Limiting Beliefs: A belief that no longer serves you. You may have believed you had to get sick to get attention, but in reality you are divinely adored. You may believe you are clumsy, but you get to choose a new powerful belief. You may have a Limiting belief about your gender or race or income. Once you become aware of a Limiting Belief you can choose a new powerful belief that serves you better.

Passageway: Your connection to God through prayer, meditation or contemplation. For thousands of years people have tried to close the Passageway. Moses said, “no” to God when he said he could not speak well. You shut the Passageway when you say “no” to God. You say “no” to blessings because you may believe you are unworthy. Releasing Resistance is a good way to keep the Passageway open. Saying “yes” to God is allowing God to bless you. Saying “yes” to God keeps the Passageway open.

Peaceful Face: This exercise is simple and helped me learn to have an emotional benchmark. You may frown when you don't even know it. However, when you put on your peaceful face, you relax your face, especially around your eyes...maybe even lift your eyebrows a bit and turn up the corners of your mouth. This gives peace a chance to flow, and you set a good emotional benchmark. This way, when you are in traffic and you feel tense and stressed, you can choose to remember how wonderful it feels to put on your Peaceful Face.

Presence: For me Presence means a sense of the Divine. You can choose a term you are comfortable with to designate your Higher Power. I interchange Presence for God, Universe for God and Source for God. God can be a loaded term for some people. Choose what raises your Vibrational Hum.

Source: See Presence; a sense of the Divine.

Successful Self: This is your chance to live as if, until your beliefs catch up with the Divine Truth of your Inheritance. You get to create the most wonderful you possible based on all of the qualities of your Inheritance. Create her and fine tune her and send her into the Universe to pre-pave the way for you.

The JoyStream: This is an exercise that was revealed to me through my asking for relief from depression. To access The JoyStream is to relax your face, especially around your eyes, and turn up the corners of your mouth. This allows you to remember the peace that is your inheritance. It helps you to recognize the silence that is waiting for you behind all the chatter that clangs around in your head. For the complete JoyStream exercise, click here!

Universe- See Presence; a sense of the Divine.

Vibrational Hum: You are literally made up of energy particles. Every single particle of your being vibrates. You send vibrations naturally into the Universe. You sense one another's vibrations when you say that a person has good or bad ‘vibes.’ You also sense vibrations when you say somebody has great energy or you could cut the tension with a knife. On your Journey 2 Joy, you get to choose a better vibration or a better feeling. You decide if something raises your level of joy or your Vibrational Hum. You are not stuck with anything. Today, you can choose to raise your own Vibration!

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