Original JoyStream Exercise

I want to show you a way to feel better now.  We are going to take a moment and set an emotional high mark or learn How to access the JoyStream.  I want each of you to bring to mind a favorite memory—a favorite time, moment or experience.  What were the sounds?  What did you see?  What did you taste?  Smell?  Touch?  Feel free to stand up if you need to!  Let yourself smile.  Let the joy radiate throughout your body.  Absorb the warmth!  Now tilt your head backwards the tiniest bit.  You can hold your arms out if you wish.  I want you to find a clear air passage to your solar plexus which is between your chest and navel.  Now breathe in the wonderful memory until each breathe you take finds an easy wide passageway to your solar plexus. 

Is the passageway open?  If not you may need to readjust your head angle slightly or move the back of your tongue down, like a tongue depressor is pushing down the back of your tongue.  Hopefully the passageway is now open.  Now replace the wonderful memory with joy.  Let yourself smile and let the joy fill your mind and radiate down to your solar plexus.  Let joy fill your entire being, right down to your toes.  There probably will be light filling your mind, let the light come on down through your body.  Let the light go down each limb.  This in itself is very healing.

Isn’t it wonderful to feel so good?  This is an incredibly powerful tool.  This is the power of now.  This is the JoyStream.  When you need wisdom, access this JoyStream and ask for wisdom.  You can now ask for inspired action, instead of busy work or habitual action, you can ask how can I give value to whatever I am doing right now?  You can use the JoyStream to ask what my limiting beliefs are and let them be toppled.  There is no limit to what you can accomplish through this access to The JoyStream. 


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