How to Stop Procrastination

Have you ever wanted to know how to stop procrastination? Well, I had this dream last night. It was kind of a nagging, low grade, low dose of a familiar dream. Because it was low dose, I almost didn't remember it. It had to do with signing up for college classes, but this time it is November and I haven't been to a single class and in this low dose version I didn't even buy my books yet! My brain worked hard in the dream to figure out a way to learn all the information before I wondered if it was too late to drop the classes.

At one point the dreams about not going to classes got so intense, I actually looked for my transcript from UMass, when I often did not go to class, to see if I had a big fat F for a class I blew off, not knowing I could drop the class. To my shock and surprise there was no F, but more than my share of D's.

Over the years I learned a technique to remind myself to jump myself awake and address the dream head on: I graduated. I am done with school; I have my diploma. But this low grade dream flew in under the radar. It didn't set off my technique. So I decided to ask the dream what message it had for me. I asked the dream: What am I putting off in life that needs tending to? Basically, I asked the dream for help overcoming procrastination.

Immediately a list of things came to mind. My first reaction to was judge myself for putting things off. But with The JoyStream, I know enough to pay attention to thoughts and feelings that lower my Vibration Hum, that make me feel crumby and I promise you procrastination feels crumby. Also, I have been reading the Tao Te Ching and know to enter the present moment and take a moment and focus on the step in front of me. I know I get mad at myself when I neglect The JoyStream website. But instead of being mad about it, I simply saw it as the step in front of me and therefore, I decided to write an article. The funny thing is I love to write articles and create new pages on the site. It is easy to get my creative juices flowing. My area of neglect is I don't know how to do a number of things that need to be done, so I have neglected all of it. Today, I will learn how to do one new thing, easily and naturally.

The obvious question to ask you is: What are you putting off in life? Take a moment and write down your answers, whatever comes to mind. Today, choose not to judge what you write or even have an opinion about what you write, simply write your answers. We are so hard on ourselves. We judge ourselves constantly. How to overcomes Procrastination Tip: Today choose a new pattern. Instead of judging ourselves, we can observe ourselves; observe ourselves think. The easiest way to do this is to learn a new tool on how to instantly feel better. One of my favorite JoyStream exercises is to turn up the corners of your mouth. Yes, smile.

Try it right now: turn up the corners of your mouth, but pay attention to what happens to you. You instantly feel better, which is one of the simplest ways to learn how to stop procrastination. It also led me to realize joy is a choice and it is the Truth of who we are. Then, even if it is only for a second, the monkey brain shuts off and peace arises. This leads to the truth that peace is also within us. Peace is also the Truth of who are. Now, as you turn the corners of your mouth up, pretend you are sitting on the top of your head (This really works! Why not try it.) and watch yourself think about what you are putting off. You are simply sitting there in the present moment, without judgment or opinion.

What happens when you enter into the present moment fully is you have access to all your true power. You have access to Universal Wisdom.

Next pick one or two things that you observed that are most presently in front of you and ask: Why am I neglecting this? One of the fastest ways to learn how to stop procrastination is to ask questions. Sometimes we simply need more information. Are you like me and need to learn something new? Are you willing to take steps to learn a new skill today or in the next week or so? If not, does somebody else know how to do it? You may simply want to take a moment and ask Universal Wisdom if there is a solution hovering about you that is easy and joyful.

Maybe you got discouraged. Ask: is this still important to me? If the answer is yes, choose a new pattern. Ask to learn from what discouraged you. I truly believe that within every obstacle is opportunity. It is simply a new pattern to develop to start looking for the opportunity.

If you get discouraged easily, it is especially important for you to develop a new pattern. You may want to create a simple affirmation like: I have a positive mindset. Always pick an affirmation that raises your Hum. You could choose: It is easy and natural for me to see the opportunities before me.

We may not like the tasks we are putting off. This is where we get to use our super powers: miracles. A miracle is a change in perspective. Miracles or a new perspective is one of my favorite ways to learn how to stop procrastination. Take a moment and ask for a better, easier, more joyful way to see your task. It may be too new for you, therefore it isn't coming naturally yet. You can choose to focus on how much progress you are making. This is what I had to do when I was learning Yoga. I felt this rage within me whenever I heard the word "plank" in the beginning. I never wanted to hear the word again and I certainly did not want to have to do another one. In about the 4th week, the routine started clicking, I was gaining competence and strength. Soon, I found myself saying, "I am done with that part already?"

What we choose to focus on, with our eyes, with our thoughts and with our feelings, literally create our tomorrows. Do you like what you are creating? It is simple to ask for a new perspective. And, we can choose a new perspective for any situation in life. We can choose a new or better way to view a relationship, a job, a task, an event. We can always choose to focus on what we do like, instead of harping on what we don't. In life, if we choose each day to do more of what we love, we begin to consciously create a more joyful life quickly.

How to stop procrastination Tip: if we start often enough, we will finish. Sometimes we just need to start a project. We can set a 10 or 30 minute timer. And when the buzzer goes off you can decide whether or not to continue. Consistent 10 minute chunks of time add up. Take time to enjoy your progress. Progress feels delicious. You can actually choose that as your affirmation: Progress feels delicious.

Well, I am off to do planks, er, Yoga--haha. Have a joyful day. If you have questions please email me If you liked "How to Stop Procrastination please enjoy these other articles.

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