The JoyStream: Revealing Your True Power and Freedom

Welcome to The JoyStream ~ where we help you reveal your True Power and Freedom through simple yet transformative tools and techniques. What would your life look like if your knew your True Power? Does that feel good to even think about it? Do you desire to have freedom from stress, anxiety and depression? Are you ready to release jealousy, envy, scarcity and frustration? We have loads of simple ways that may help you find freedom from things that lower your Hum, while reminding you to choose to focus on what raises your Hum.

What is new with The JoyStream? Catherine and Sheila, aka The Travel Girls, are ready to share their travel life with you. You can read about it here to find out more!

Here are two meditational videos based on the wisdom of Emma Curtis Hopkins.

We hope you enjoyed the videos! Watch them as often as you'd like.

We are the freedom company. Whether you desire freedom from stress, anxiety and depression or you desire freedom from fear and scarcity, you came to the right place. We have been teaching freedom techniques for many years now with great results. We have learned that joy is a choice.

A great place to begin your journey in spiritual growth is with The JoyStream Publication

Journey 2 Joy~Personal Development for Busy People

The book teaches you how to create a life that feels good. As you reduce stress, anxiety and depression, you will learn how to thrive not just survive. You will learn how to access Joy, make decisions based on your true power and know your Divine Inheritance. This book is a must read.

The JoyStream: Revealing Your True Power and Freedom, is a Spiritual Growth Community for all who want to raise their Hum and raise the Hum of the World.

Please enjoy all the interviews we have of women who have found their True Power who are creating healthy, successful and joyful lives. Click here to find out more! We also have dozens of episodes of the JoyStream TV Show that teaches that freedom from stress, anxiety and depression is not only possible but it can happen easily and naturally as you find your True Power.

This Community was created by ordinary people who have found, extraordinary results in life by overcoming stress, anxiety and depression in the JoyStream. By living in the present moment and allowing our minds to stop, we can choose to release whatever is happening into the JoyStream, replacing negativity with creativity, freedom, joy and peace. This stuff works! To get more involved in this amazing Spiritual Growth Community, please subscribe to Join The 'Stream! for World Wide Healing.

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In this Spiritual Growth Community and in the Ezine for Revealing your True Power and Freedom you will learn easy and practical tools to create a life you love. What's on your mind right now? Do you need more balance in your life? Do you have joy in this moment? Do you want more for your life than you have at this moment? More peace? More joy? More abundance? More confidence? More power? The JoyStream will help you have all these and more! How do you feel about yourself? Do you like yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you know that as you choose to love yourself, your life will improve dramatically. You can learn self love!

As you begin to place things in the JoyStream, you allow your Authentic Self to reveal itself. Plus you’ll have Inspired Action for all that you do. All you have to do is ask. Abundance is there for you in every area of your life! Ask and you will receive!

If you want more for your work life than stress, anxiety, and depression, the JoyStream is for you. If you know deep down there is spiritual growth in your future and a wonderful life waiting for you, the JoyStream is for you. All you need is some guidance to tap into your potential, some encouragement to thrive not just survive.

If you need support, someone to believe in you, you’ve come to the right place. You are creative, resourceful, and whole. You have a marvelous divine inheritance. You have wonderful ideas and abilities. If you find that hard to believe, then it’s time you entered the JoyStream and revealed your True Power and Freedom.

The Joy Team believes in you! There are no lame ideas. There are no foolish dreams. We believe if you have within you an idea that rocks your world, the Universe has the energy and resources to help that dream come to fruition. We believe in you!

Once upon a time someone believed in us. It may have been a grandparent, a parent, a teacher, a coach. They made us feel like we could soar to new heights. The Joy Team wants to help you soar. The JoyTeam wants to help you realize your dreams and fulfill your potential. The JoyTeam knows you can create the career you want, enjoy success, have loving and fulfilling relationships. We believe our greatest gift to give is our joy!

Come and learn how to access The JoyStream and completely change your outlook on life! Know that soon you will see yourself differently and soon others will see you as your Authentic Self. We are transforming our lives. Get ready to transform your life! Come with us on a trip to the JoyStream and change your life!

Solo Build It!


Solo Build It!

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