Find Life Balance in Ways That You Think!

Sometimes I ask Wisdom for a word to carry me into my nightly slumber. One night the word was "balance." I thought the idea of balance, of life balance, was very boring and was admittedly disappointed. I decided to trust the process and ask Wisdom about "balance." This is what I learned.

There are times when outwardly we will not have life balance even though our social consciousness is imprinted with the importance of balance. There are always going to be biggish events to plan for, like birthdays, holidays, graduation, marriage, births, promotions, and deadlines.

During these times our lives will automatically become imbalanced. That is ok, it is part of life, and most of us wouldn't change it for a second. The bigger events infuse us with energy and clarity and creativity that may normally be lacking in our lives.

Then there are other times in life where we desperately need more life balance. I know I need to walk every day. My soul needs the motion, the refreshment, the clarity. If I don't take time to write almost every day, I start to feel drained, undernourished, frustrated.

What do you need to add to your daily life? What energizes you and raises your hum? When I asked for Wisdom recently, I clearly discerned I'd benefit from more music in my life. How can you add more things to your life that bring you joy?

That was the first part of my balance lesson-our outward lives. The lesson I was supposed to learn was about our inner world...our thoughts. Where are the balance of our thoughts? If you want to know, look around at your life and see what you have been attracting lately. As you know thoughts are things and the balance of our thoughts show in our manifestations.

If the balance of our thoughts are worry then we will attract more situations of worry. If the balance of our thoughts tilt towards lack, we will attract more lack. If we allow our minds to dwell too often on anxious thoughts we will soon need a trip to the doctor to find relief. Do you have a one track mind? Do you see how your thoughts correlate to what manifests into your life?

So often the balance of our thoughts are on what we do not want to attract, but we are in the habit of thinking them over and over and over and over. We worry about kids and spouses, our jobs, income and bills. We worry about our health and weight and the health of our loved ones. Our thoughts need to be more balanced if we want to create a more joyful and successful life.

The simplest way to change the balance of your thoughts is to ask for awareness of how your thoughts make you feel. If they are making you crazy, you know you need to make the slightest change so you can find some relief. I was a worrier. It is amazing how much my life changed by making two simple changes.

1. I decided to believe that All is Well. This instantly raised my Hum. It lightened my mood. It simply felt good, so I said it more and more and asked to believe it more moment by moment...All is Well.

2. I created the simplest affirmation, "I intend for safety." Pay attention to how you feel when you say, "Don't get hurt!" Now pay attention to how you feel when you say "Intend for Safety." This is a great exercise in noticing how our words feel. Which one brings you closer to finding your Peaceful Face? Each time you choose to pay attention to how things you do make you feel, you are on the way to creating life balance, joy and success.

The "I intend for safety" affirmation allowed me to let go of worrisome situation after worrisome situation. One by one I gave them up as they came up. It wasn't hard. As the worry enters my mind, I choose to intend for safety, I believe it and I release the worry. Soon the balance of my thoughts no longer included worry. That cleared up a lot of space in my mind for peace to enter. It cleared space for joy and appreciation to reside.

There was still one more lesson for me to learn about balance that night. The balance of my thoughts may be on something I do want to attract. I may be thinking about something for so long and so hard, that I am actually blocking it from my life. This floored me! It was truth for me.

Remember to attract what we want, we have to allow it to come into our lives. Appreciation most closely matches the art of allowing. If I am consumed with success and all I think about is success, I start to lower my Hum. However, if I find balance, and appreciate what I have, and I ask for wisdom, and I go about my business, I raise my Hum and allow all good things into my life.

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