Managing Stress
Deciding Two Things!

Managing stress can be changed if we learn to base our decisions on two things!

• Our Authentic Self is Powerful, Confident and Constructive.

• Our greatest gift to give is our Joy.

Look at the Causes of Stress or use one of your own stressful situations. Learn to use your new criteria. For instance, we find it hard to say no. Knowing our Authentic Self is Confident, how will we make the same decision? We can choose to make a decision based on confidence instead of worrying about what somebody else thinks.

Ask Yourself:

• Am I basing my decision on Power?

• Is my Confident self saying Yes?

• Is this a constructive option for me?

• Does this decision bring me joy?

I learned a long time ago in managing stress that if everybody got to do more of what they loved to do, and less of what they disliked the world is a better place. Chances are for every task we dislike, somebody else loves it.

I had an Inn in Vermont. You can imagine all the chores involved with running an Inn. In reality, there were only two tasks no body truly enjoyed! Two! We paid somebody to do those two tasks. One person loved cleaning. Another loved yard work. Quick Books made bookkeeping a no-brainer.

Choose to trust that there is somebody out there who loves the task you don’t. Take a chance in life and try basing some of your decisions on what brings you joy! What have you got to lose?

Ask Yourself:

• Does this activity bring me joy?

• Does this committee bring me joy?

• Does this routine bring me joy?

• Does this habit bring me joy?

Contrary to what people may think, managing stress by asking if something will bring me joy isn’t selfish in a bad way. There is good selfish. Try making some family decisions based on joy and you will likely find that it creates more joy. That is a great way to create a life you love.


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