Radical New Years Resolutions: Focus on your Strengths!!!!!!!!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall What do I do best of all?
By Sheila Steplar

New Years Resolutions: Focus on what your do best!

I think as Americans we spend far too much time loathing ourselves. I can come up with 73 legitimate reasons right now to loathe myself. For instance, I am a master procrastinator. Notice how I give importance to my loathing. I am a master at it. It makes me feel at least I am good at something. I am a master procrastinator. I get weak thinking about all my weaknesses. I can make myself faint right here, right now thinking of all my weaknesses. I could faint right now under the unbearable burden of my weaknesses.

New Years Resolution:
Try Self Love instead of Self loathing!

Why are we so obsessed with our weaknesses? Is it because we fear our greatness? Or is it that we are desperate to be great at something, so I might as well focus on my weaknesses…be great at my weaknesses. Like me saying I’m master procrastinator as if I’m Captain America? I think we spend far too much time working on our weaknesses.

New Years Resolution: Focus on your strengths!

How do we feel right now thinking about our weaknesses? Does it raise our vibrational hum? It doesn’t raise my vibrational hum to think about my weaknesses. It merely feels oddly comfortable. I am used to rolling and wallowing in my weaknesses. I am used to developing and nurturing my weaknesses as if I gave birth to them. That’s what we do, we nurture our weaknesses as if they are our cherished offspring…the fruit of our loin. We nurture them, nourish them, educate them. What do we want to accomplish by developing our weaknesses? Are we looking for an A in weakness? Are we trying to improve from a D minus to a D plus?

New Years Resolution:
Focus on what raises your Vibrational Hum!

When I go to the self help section of the bookstore, do I go to the section subtitled, developing my strengths? No, because that isn’t even a subsection. I swear successful people don’t even go to the self help section of the bookstore, unless they are checking on how many volumes of their books have sold. Successful people focus on their strengths.

New Years Resolution: Focus on your areas of Success!

The truly successful people don’t focus on their weaknesses. Henry Ford is famous for saying I can hire those who are best at what they do. He knew if he didn't know something, he could hire somebody who knew it. People constantly made fun of him for being a drop out. But he didn't care about what he didn't know. He focused on doing his best with what skills he had. He could hire 1000 high school and college graduates and pay them to know what he didn’t know. He didn’t care one whit to develop what he didn’t know. He focused on his strengths and did his best. How brilliant is that?

New Years Resolution: Do your Best!

This is my challenge to you. Focus on your strengths. If we each had the chance to develop what we are best at, our world would change for the better. It would be the difference between a nation thriving versus striving. But I want our challenge to be different. I want to focus on our strengths collectively.

New Years Resolution: Choose to thrive!

I am convinced that those who are best in every area of life have never been discovered. We have all met these people. The average vertical leap in the NBA is 28 inches. Michael Jordan had a vertical leap of 48 inches. Well, many moons ago I worked with a young, short Marlboro man named Little Steve. I call him that because he was ruggedly gorgeous. He was a tough guy, with a muscle car but he had a bumper sticker on that muscle car that said, “Doo Doo Happens.”

I loved this young Marlboro man. If you stood and talked to him for any length of time you’d get to witness his grasshopper abilities. One minute he’d be standing next to you and the next minute he’d be on the table or balancing on the rim of the dumpster. Little Steve had a vertical leap of at least 51 inches…the height of the rim of the dumpster. As far as I know he never even got a chance to play sports because of an interesting and challenging family life.

New Years Resolution:
Tell others what they are good at!!!

The smartest mathematician in the world is probably a red neck. I should know. He built my garage. He was a high school dropout, with a preference for light beer, and never had an educated role model. He wore a watch with a small calculator on it. He can figure out any math problem on that little watch. Math was a joy for him and came easily to him. It was amazing to behold. He could have been an engineer but....

New Years Resolution: Do more of what you do best!

I want to play a game with you. I want to play the game called mirror mirror on the wall, what do I do best of all? Grab some pen and paper. Take a moment and write down a few things that come easily to you. For some it may be public speaking. For some it may be cooking, or care taking, or party planning, or decorating, or wood working. Some things I have witnessed about my friends. Some friends love editing and writing. I have more than my share of friends who love to connect people, teach people and inspire people. Some friends are like a breath of fresh air and could motivate a couch potato into the next Captain America.

New Years Resolution:
Ask your friends what you are good at.

Sometimes it is easier for others to see what we are naturally good at. If you know what somebody else is naturally good at…feel free to tell them right now...call them, text them or email them. Then ask them what they think you are naturally good at. Write down what others say about you. Now my friend Little Steve didn’t have anyone to believe in him. My redneck mathematician friend didn’t have anybody either. But we all have each other. There are groups like Toastmasters. We can support each other here at The JoyStream. We can each tell one of our dreams and as a group we can throw our gifts into the pot to help make each other successful. Does that raise your vibrational hum?

New Years Resolution:
Focus, focus, focus and make it come true!

Do you know what genius is? Extreme focus. I don’t intend to offend the members of mensa amongst us. But any of us can obtain genius level in any area of interest we choose by focusing on areas of natural talent. So back to our game, mirror mirror on the wall what do I do best of all? How many of you have written down a few things? Me, I want to be a spiritual teacher who teaches people how to thrive not survive. How many of you can hold that vision for me? We have great power by holding a vision for somebody. If we hold the vision collectively, the power multiplies.

Find somebody to share what you have written down. Ask your friends to collectively hold your vision for you. Ask your friends who they know so they can pass your name along when the right situation presents itself. I know each of the visions we hold for each other will manifest. Share your dreams and your desires. Share what you are best at. Bless the world with your gifts. Mirror mirror on the wall, what do I do best of all? Now go out and do it!

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