Changing Your Thoughts
Leads to Overcoming Anxiety

Overcoming anxiety happens when we learn to change our habits of thought. But how can we really change our lives if we don't know what or how we think? The old saying is "We are what we think." Are our thoughts and actions based solely on habits? Are they good habits? I would guess most of us go about our days based solely on habit, so that we do not have to think. But if we have bad habits, we continue to create bad situations that are full of stress and anxiety.

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We tend to follow routines based on the day of the week. If we get into stressful situations, we most likely react to the situation based on habit. I have a rather simple solution.

If we pay attention to how we feel,
we will learn about our predominant thoughts.

Once we know our predominant thoughts, then we can begin to create a life we love!

Overcoming anxiety is not impossible! Stress and anxiety become habits in our lives because we don't really know a better way. We are used to feeling stressed and anxious! We know this habit doesn't feel good. We probably even know it is adversely affecting our health. Those around us most likely know when we are particularly stressed out and stay out of our way.

The simplest way to take control of stress and overcome anxiety is to observe yourself, think and feel while you are in the situation. The simple process of observing your thoughts bring you into the present moment. Most stress and anxiety is caused by jumping into the future by thinking of a deadline for instant. You may get panicked about an upcoming event and having to deal with stranger anxiety. If you take one moment and stop to observe your stress, it is impossible for stress to remain.

When we are in the present moment we have access to peace.

Stress and anxiety cannot co-exist with peace. One of my favorite things that I read in "My Stroke of Insight" was that most of our feelings take 90 seconds to work their way through our bodies. After 90 seconds we have a choice to make. Do we fan the flame of anger, stress, anxiety, insecurity, envy, jealousy or do we choose to make a more powerful, confident, constructive decision?The choice is always yours. Overcoming anxiety is possible!

Unfortunately, nobody causes stress in our lives. We choose to allow stress and anxiety. Sounds crazy doesn't it, but it is truth. If we have high levels of stress and anxiety, it is because we have allowed it into our lives. As long as you believe you have no control over stress and anxiety, you don't. Positive thinking is not a cliché. Good thoughts harmonize with the truth of who you are. Wow, that bears repeating,

"Good thoughts harmonize
with the truth of who you are."

Conversely, negative thoughts feel bad because they are not in line with the truth of who we are.
That it why it is fundamentally important to know the truth of who you are!.

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