Choose Positive Thinking and You Choose Success!

Can you imagine living a courageous and confident life? filled with positive thinking?

Can you imagine releasing Limiting Beliefs for new powerful, confident beliefs? A limiting belief is simply a non-productive thought you think over and over again. As you learn to replace old, weak beliefs with new courageous, confident and positive beliefs, you will be thrilled with the difference.

There is no limit to the creativity of our brains when it comes to limiting beliefs, but it easy to resist positive thinking as a fluke. But it isn't. Just as we are choosing to create successful lives easily and naturally. by eliminating limiting beliefs, we can fill the void with positive thoughts. As we ask for wisdom to know what beliefs no longer serve us, or no longer propel us towards our goals, the wisdom will come. One of my favorite verses is "Ask and you shall receive that your joy may be full."

Examples of limiting beliefs are plentiful.

  • I am clumsy.
  • I am slow.
  • I am broke.
  • I am uneducated.
  • I attract losers.
  • I can't lose weight.
  • I have crumby health and so does everyone else in my family.
  • I will never be able to retire early and do what I love.
  • I will never have the money to travel.
  • I'll never be happily married.
  • I'll never have my own house.
  • I can't do that, I will get hurt.
  • I don't have the time.

These are just a few of the Limiting Beliefs I have come across. None of them are truth. The truth is, you have a divine inheritance! The truth is we are all amazing. As Marianne Williamson states in the fear poem, we are powerful beyond measure. That is truth.

As we learn the wonderful truth of who we truly are with positive thinking, then we are able to change our Limiting Beliefs into beliefs of courage. We can form beliefs that are positive and confident.

The first thing I do to change my Limiting Beliefs is to ask for awareness. I ask for wisdom to know what beliefs are keeping me from the most successful life possible. Many people get spooked about changing beliefs. They made up the idea it is hard to change our beliefs. So they decide to stay painfully stuck instead of choosing freedom, expansion and joy.

In my experience it is simple to change a limiting belief into a belief of courage, a belief that is confident and positive. It is much more difficult and painful to remain stuck and in a rut. I will say it again, it is easy to change old weak beliefs for new powerful beliefs. Positive thinking is easier than staying stuck!

Affirmations are powerful tools as your move towards positive change. The affirmations based on our Divine Inheritance are very powerful. You may want to add "I'm in the process of being a beautiful creation" until it becomes believable enough to say "I am a beautiful creation." It is always important to pay attention to how affirmations feel.

Here some examples of changed beliefs based on part of the above list.

  • Each day my feet are steadier, my body is steadier and I feel safe.

  • Each day I allow abundance into my life. I look for examples of abundance and I know that I attract abundance as easily as I breathe.

  • As I love myself more each day, I attract the most amazing new people into my life. In fact, all my existing friends and relatives treat me more nicely and respectfully. I look for new wonderful relationship opportunities that come to me easily and naturally.

  • My health gets better and better every day. Just as a cut heals itself easily and naturally, so does my body. I look for evidence of healthy people every where I go. I know that wonderful health is coming to me moment by moment.

  • I love knowing that I can intend for safety and pre-pave the way before me. I love saying, "I intend for safety, joy and smooth sailing."

See how easy it is to change our beliefs? Whenever you feel afraid, unloved, broke, worried, anxious, apathetic, unworthy, guilty, shameful, ask for wisdom to know what the limiting belief is. Listen quietly for the answer. Pay attention to how you feel.

Whenever you don't feel good, chances are a weak untrue belief is lingering. Take the opportunity to tell a better story. Tell a story of courage. Tell a story of confidence. Tell a story and make it positive!

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