Choose Presence and Embrace Timelessness and Leave Stress, Anxiety and Depression Behind!!!

Instead of feeling a sense of Presence when I woke up, I felt kind of frustrated about the day because I had more appointments than I cared to really have in a week with too many appointments. Frustration. Charlie Brown jumps into my head. He suffered from a great deal of frustration. Frustration is almost a physical emotion wrapped in a bunch of letters. You can almost feel frustration growing as you move through the syllables.

Sometimes I don't even realize I am asking the Universe for clarity. Maybe this is the purest form of asking, when we don't realize we are...when we are struggling with something so deep we don't even know how to form a question yet. This morning I got an answer to a question I didn't know I was asking, or if I would have ever figured out I had a question. It was more that I had a problem, an irritation or a dislike. Suddenly an answer swooped into my mind, my soul, my being. Here is the situation.

I struggle with time. I have no useful sense of time. I don't keep track of it no matter what method I try. If I set an alarm every 50-60 minutes I can keep track, but then I wonder why I bother...time feels like a bother. It feels like a burden. We either don't have enough time or we feel guilty about how we used our time. I often feel like appointments are a burden, I have to stop what I am doing, get out of the flow and completely change tracks. I get frustrated by having to change my point of focus, stopping momentum, interrupting creativity.

Sometimes I feel like I would rather live in a monastery or more to the wilderness and get completely off the grid so I don't ever have to be bothered by time...but deep down I know I will still be somehow irritated with the passing of time...with the sunrises and sunsets reminding me regardless of where I lay my head.

Then suddenly one of the essays from Journey 2 Joy jumped into my head, heart and soul. Embrace Timelessness. Catherine McCormick has chosen this concept as a resolution for 2009. I wrote, "Timelessness is where true peace resides." I took a few moments and breathed in while I allowed the true peace of Timelessness to fill my soul...and it did. All the tension left my body. Then I realized Timelessness is embracing Presence. In Journey 2 Joy I wrote "Make peace with time by Embracing Timelessness and choosing Joy right now. Joy is never conditional upon time. Joy is Presence. Joy is now."

I was impressed that I equated Timelessness with Presence in the book. But mostly I was surprised I equated the two since I was just learning the lesson this morning. But when I think of Presence, my soul immediately fills with wondrous peace and time naturally stops being stressful. That is when I realized that appointments don't matter. It doesn't matter where my body is physically. It matters where my soul is. If I am aligned with what I am doing and all is well.

When I choose to be fully present, I automatically Embrace Timelessness. I automatically allow synchronicity, joy, peace, light and truth. I am pre-paving Goodness into any appointment I have. The stress of my day dissipated, but truthfully, my stress about appointments in general disappeared. Suddenly I felt a whole new level of peace with all of life. I found clarity where I didn't even think it was possible. It doesn't have to be wilderness or a wild schedule. I can choose Presence and have profound peace regardless of where my physical body has to be at any given moment. Amen and amen. Return from Presence to Law of Attraction