Self Love cascades into self-respect, joy, power and courage.

Affirmations and self love go together. I know that self love may need to taken with baby steps. I had to take baby steps for years. But I wanted and needed relief from self-loathing so I was willing to take the steps. Sometimes it is easier to change towards others before you change towards yourself.

My first step was to "err on the side of love" with my friends and acquaintances. Even if I strongly thought what they were doing was wrong, I decided to bless them and their situation as good. When we judge, we don't feel good and we attract what we focus on. Plus, it was easier to stop judging others than it was to stop judging myself. I didn't know it at the time, but it was an incredibly important step!

When I stopped judging others, I started liking myself more. I hadn't really liked who I had become. The relief of liking myself was amazing. It was like I was introduced to my Authentic Self and I liked her! And once we start liking ourselves, we start to respect ourselves. And once we like and respect ourselves, it is much easier for others to like and respect us!

Once we start liking ourselves, we become more comfortable in our own skin and this leads to improved relationships because people can sense the change and are drawn to the change. The important thing is to ask for wisdom and guidance to know your path to self-love. Loving yourself will become easier and easier as you like yourself.

I know the Journey to self-love can happen. It may not seem possible to you but it is. You can start by saying, I know that self-love is possible. Then once you get comfortable with that you can say, I know self-love is possible for me.

It is really a process of shedding one unloving, untrue belief at a time.

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That's why I like to create a new affirmation after a limiting belief is revealed to me. When I became aware that I had a scarcity mentality, I asked for wisdom to know the truth about abundance. The truth feels good. Good feelings mean I am in harmony with the Universe. When I feel good, I am in a place of allowing all good things into my life.

We want to pay attention to our feelings and our goal is to feel better and better. Our negative feelings point to some belief within us that is not truth and causes us to get out of alignment. But our negative feelings can be sneaky. But Self Love is not!

We may have associated waves of feelings that crash over our bodies and minds with a negative trait we think we have. But if we start believing the truth of who we are, we will slowly start to realize we are light, love and truth. We are joy, creativity and freedom. The truth of who we are is in no way negative. This is where self love is so important for affecting positive change in a short amount of time. We can stop the waves of negativity and replace them with waves of joy.

As we learn to choose to love ourselves, and learn the truth about ourselves, we will gain power, we will naturally have more courage. We will feel more powerful and make more powerful decisions that are based on what makes us feel good. We will stop making decisions because we feel like we should do something or to make someone else happy at our own expense.

If we choose to feel good, it will cascade over into every area of our lives and our home lives will be improved, our relationships will improve and what we attract into our lives will be much more desirable!

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