Sheila's Simple Health Tips

Why write about simple health tips? The JoyStream teaches that there is usually an easier way to do most things. So I thought I'd write about simple health tips. I have been doing P90X for about 10 months. At times my shoulder would really hurt. Actually my shoulder started hurting months before I found about P90X even existed. One day my shoulder started hurting in a different place, in a different way.

I am a person who loves to ask my Higher Power and Guides for wisdom. I especially enjoy having these conversations while I am hiking. One day, I asked to learn a simple health tip that would benefit everyone. I listened to my guides teach me about vantage points and perspectives and telling a different story. And just for clarity let me add that I had been focusing on adding gratitude to my life. So I asked my guides, is it that simple to start telling a better story and my life gets better? The answer was yes, but I also got another piece of information. Now mind you, the entire walk there was nagging pain in my shoulder. Funny we should use the term "nagging pain."

My guides gently pointed out to me that I had been complaining for months about the lack of flexibility in my shoulders. The lack of flexibility keeps me from doing certain poses in Yoga and even certain warm up exercises. I had been nagging at my body, at my shoulder, at the Universe, at whoever would listen that my shoulders were not flexible. If I happened by a physical therapist I'd ask for advice on increasing shoulder flexibility. I'd ask Catherine if she could push on my arm to increase the range of motion. Oh, on occasion I'd remember a previous physical therapist saying, "actually Sheila, your range of motion is above average." That brought me no satisfaction. I'd scheme about ways to increase the flexibility. I probably tried something again and again that further injured my poor shoulder that was nagged to death.

Specifically, my Guides pointed out that I was actually nagging my shoulder. Ha, you have to love a Guide with humor. I was not aware of the nagging. I was not aware that I was no longer sending love and light to every cell in my body. I spent all my time nag nag nagging. I nagged at my foot, my knee and especially my shoulder.

Instantly I knew my guides were right on. I had resorted to nagging. Immediately I sent love and light to my besieged shoulder. The awareness started a shift in my story, hopefully forever, to a story of gratitude for the phenomenal body's we have, for the wonderful and amazing job my body does every day in this extreme exercise program. Now, I notice that I can do the warm-up exercises much better. Rarely is there a nagging pain anymore. I thanked my Guides for this simple health tip!

This prompts an interesting question: In what areas of your life are you being a nag? Do you have "nagging" pains in your body? What is your self talk like? Where ever you find yourself being a nag, try for a day to send love and light, whether it is to a body part or another body! It is miraculous how fast you will see an improvement.

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