Stranger Anxiety?
Relief is on the Way!

Job stress and stranger anxiety can be overwhelming! Oftentimes part of our job description is networking. The thought of networking can fill us with stress and anxiety! I joined a professional networking group. However, the first time I got to meet everybody was at a holiday party. Holidays can cause enough anxiety, but a holiday with strangers can lead to an overwhelming amount of anxiety.
When I got to the party, people literally left the room when I came in and sat down. The room completely cleared out. If I didn't have stranger anxiety before, I sure had a full blown case of it now!

My heart and soul jumped into full Stranger Anxiety Mode!

My mind filled with anxiety. I was stunned. Did people really just clear out of a room I entered? I could leave the party.

I could leave the group.

I could hop on a plane and leave the country. That felt preferable even though I don't enjoy flying! Thankfully I had come a long way on my personal development journey. I had learned the marvelous truth of who I am!

I knew enough to ask some important questions:• Did I want to thrive in this group?

• Did I want to sit around and sulk and spend all my time telling my friends what they had done to me?

• Did I want to take this personally and make assumptions?

• Did I want to actively decide not to complain? It doesn't help anyway.

If I wanted to thrive, I had some work to do. If I wanted to take things personal and make assumptions, well, that is work too! I decided not to complain. Oftentimes with complaining we have to make an active decision to not do it because complaining is often a habit.

After I made the decision to not complain, I knew I needed Inspired Action to overcome Stranger Anxiety. If we ask for wisdom, it will come. I knew I dealt better with people one on one. It is important to know your strengths, build upon them and create a pattern of success. I decided to invite people one by one to coffee or lunch. I did my best to put a new person into my calendar each week.

In this potentially awkward social and professional situation:

• I choose to be proactive.

• I decided to be confident.

• I decided to be constructive.

• I asked for Inspired Action.

Soon, people slowly began to approach me at the weekly meetings. Folks started to give me a few recommendations. Still, until this day, only the gentlemen who invited me into the group, ever invited me to coffee or lunch.

As with all potential situations with stranger anxiety we can habitually take things personally and make assumption or decide not to take things personally and decide not to make assumptions. We always get to choose a better that serves us better. Our past has no bearing on our future. Today, we can decide to create our successful self who is powerful, confident and positive. We always get to picture a magnificent tree line on the horizon. I lift my gaze above the tree line. It isn't so much putting myself above them, but I put my gaze, not me, on high.

There, with my gaze on high,
my heart finds peace and strength.

If ever you feel stress or anxiety take a moment and:

• Put your gaze on high

• See the good in all people

• know we always have a powerful, confident, constructive option!

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