What are Stress Causes?
Money and Time.

What are stress causes? They are two huge causes of stress: Money and Time. Most experts say up to 90% of health problems are stress related. Then it becomes a vicious cycle. Trust me when I say, it is much harder to enjoy money and free time if your health is terrible. So what can we do about stress?

Pay attention to how things make you feel. What elevates your stress levels? Is it work? Check out the article on stress in the workplace. Do you feel like money is the issue? I love this quote by Mark Twain, "I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened." If your worries about money center around future bills there is nothing more powerful than choosing to live in the present moment. Now is where all your power is. I relax in the Now. I say this whenever I am stressed about future financial obligations.

Usually in The JoyStream we play what is the best thing that can happen game. But with money, it can be useful to imagine the worst. I think, well, if I am broke, I could live in a tent. I could sleep on a friend's couch. I picture myself making the best of the worst situation. I use my imagination to create the best possible scenario in the worst situation. This process actually builds my confidence. I imagine people who were down to their last few dollars and then headed for their biggest successes like Simon Cowell of American Idol.

In the moment of feeling stressful, choose to remember to take some deep breaths. Personally, I like to turn up the corners of my mouth, relax around my eyes and then take breath deeply a few times.

Drink more water. Our brains are the first to dehydrate, so if you need clear thinking, begin with a glass of water.

Take a few minutes and get some fresh air, if you have more time, go for a walk. The change of scenery and fresh air will refresh your body, mind and spirit. I am a strong believer that we are connected to nature. We can learn so much from nature. Nature is naturally abundant. Nature doesn't take anything personally. All of nature remembers the natural cycle of life and death. Plants and animals don't hold on so hard to life.

Now that you are hydrated, have some fresh air and practiced deep breathing, you can ask for wisdom and inspired action when you are in the midst of stress. Ask yourself if the stress you are feeling is a Mark Twain kind of stress...a habitual worry habit. If so, moment by moment you can choose a better feeling. Each time I encountered a worry habit, I'd create a new affirmation. For travel I say, "I intend for safety, joy and smooth sailing." For general worry I say, "All is well." It is simple to shift your patterns from worry to joy moment by moment.

The other huge cause of stress is caused by the pressures of time. We feel like there is too much to do with too little time.

In now way are finances and time the only causes of stress. I strongly believe stress has both External and Internal Causes. If you want to read about the definition of stress click here.

External Stress Causes:

Work Situations:

  • starting a new job

  • getting a new role at work

  • having to do a presentation at work

  • difficult co-workers

  • losing your job

  • demotions

  • deadlines

  • undesirable or demanding boss

  • stranger anxiety

Personal Causes of Stress:

  • Death of a loved one

  • Illness

  • Financial Problems

  • Legal Problems

  • Graduation

  • Divorce or Separation

  • Extended periods away from loved ones

  • Major purchases

  • Inheriting or winning money
  • Squabbles over the reading of the will

  • Falling out with loved one

To learn more about stress relief click here.

Another huge way to learn to release stress, anxiety and worries is to watch less bad stuff like news. Awareness is key for creating a better life. Notice the things that make you worry. We have much more control over our lives than we realize. Choose to be careful about what you put into your head. I stopped watching the news years ago. A few years after that I stopped reading the newspaper. Make joyful choices about what you read, listen to and watch. That is one of the main reasons we started The JoyStream TV!

These next few stress causes are not included in most lists but they cause more stress than can be imagined:

  • It is hard to say no to some people.

  • Our kids are busier than ever, so now there is teen stress. I remember when I was a kid the only stress was getting home when the dinner bell rang!

  • We base decisions on guilt instead of what brings us joy. We say yes, when we want to say no. The simplest way to a better life is to say Yes to what brings you joy and the No's start disappearing.

  • We base decisions on habit. We have always participated in a certain event, sport, fund raiser, social activity, church activity. Now that you are choosing to create a better life, it is time to make better choices. Do you love the events you have made a habit in your life? If not, leave them to folks who still enjoy them. Have you wished for more time to try something different? Now is the time! Go for it.

  • We base decisions on routine…we always stop by a friend’s house even though the experience makes me crazy! That's easy. Either align with the decision to visit, or stop visiting until you find a more peaceful solution.

Ok, are you wondering how to align with a decision you make? If you repeatedly do something you don't like out of habit you create stress. However now that you know you are a powerful creator, prepave your way. One, create your intentions on how you want an event to go.

Here are a few more areas that cause stress:

Teenage Stress

Stress in the Workplace

Finally we will discuss Internal Stress Causes:

• ‘Shoulds’. I should do this, I should do that. Says who? Going against our Authentic Self causes stress. Each morning when you wake up, ask to see more of what brings you joy. It may sound simple, but as we focus on joy, we attract more joy. Then start basing more decisions on what brings you joy.

• Guilt. We worry too much about what other people think or we we raised with guilt techniques. You get to make better choices now. If you have a guilt mentality, do one of my favorite things...Ask for a miracle! Be willing to release the guilt to your Higher Power and allow yourself to see the wonderful and magnificent truth of who you are. Guilt is simply an illusion. If you mind your own vibration by not trying to change others and choosing to see more joy, guilt will drop by the wayside.

• Shame. Some of us have stepped into feeling shame, instead of their power...but is simply forgetting the truth of who you are. Spend some time recreating your life.

• Weak logic. Nobody else is stepping up to the plate, so I should. Reread the 'shoulds' up above! Or, if I don't do it, it won't get done. Whatever choices you make, choose to do your best as this creates energy. Weak logic causes stress. Ask for Wisdom and Inspired Action. And align with your choices which allows for miracles and synchronicity.

• Time. We let time rule. We let time pressure us. We think time is running out, but I say, "Embrace Timelessness. Say it out loud, "I embrace Timelessness." It feels good doesn't it? We all have had moments when it felt like time stood still or when time flew by. Choose to embrace Timelessness.

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You are powerful beyond measure. You can create the life you love. Genius is simply the power of focus. Please go to our wonderful free stuff page. We have all kinds of worksheets and exercises for creating lasting success. If you have any stress relief tips please email Catherine@TheJoyStream.com All love and joy, Catherine and Sheila

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