Stress in the Workplace: Smart Strategies!

Stress in the Workplace is common. Many employees have to work in cubicles with little to no privacy. Noise is a constant problem. Change in itself is stressful, and business have to change to stay viable. Mergers can make every single employee have elevated stress levels. Layoffs are an obvious concern.

No matter what your situation is, to reduce work place stress communication is key. If you have stress because you are unclear about your roles and responsibilities, you must remember most people can't read minds. Ask for clarity in your job description.

I always think it is important that every employee gets to do more of what they love. Chances are the parts of your job that you dislike, somebody else loves. Unless you are willing to communicate, you will never create positive change and reduce stress in the workplace. There is always a way to communicate how your productivity will increase if you can focus more on where you excel. Everybody benefits. Communication is key!

You may be in the position where your workload is too heavy or you need more balance at work. In this situation you have to first be honest with yourself, then communicate it with your boss. Nobody benefits if you are burned out.

You may be bored at work. You may know an area at work, where you know you excel. Communicate your desire and ask for advice from your boss. Follow the advice and ask for more, until you have created a very desirable situation. Nobody knows your gifts if you hide them under a bushel!

You may feel like your career progress has ground to a halt, or that your working conditions are sub-par or that you feel little say. This is where you get to make one of your best decisions! Appreciate what you can. Then choose to do your best. Doing your best creates wonderful energy, it clears your mind, you will gain inspired action. As your create good energy, you will be noticed. Ask for more to do. Anticipate what your boss needs. Be the one to fill the need. Work over-time. Have a good attitude. Be solution oriented.

More Tips to Reduce Stress in The WorkPlace:

Noise canceling headphones. What did we do before noise canceling headphones??? If you haven't tried them, Noise canceling headphones are amazing, no matter where you work. There is a feature that kind of sucks the noise out so that you can work and concentrate in silence.

Or, you can listen to the music of your choice through the same headphones. A favorite music source is It is an online site where you can create a radio station with songs and artists you enjoy. You can start a new station with any artist and add to the same station or you can do like we do. We have a classical station, easy listening, and one centered around Josh Groban. Music is one of Nature’s Natural Stress Relievers .

Workplace stress can affect everyone around you. Know that you are not alone. You do have choices to make in how you relieve the stress in your work environment. Finally for more tips on managing stress click here! It is just as easy to choose wisely as it is to stay stuck and stressed!!

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