Stress Tips

Stress Tips come in many shapes and sizes. It is important to know ways to reduce your stress in any situation you are in. Whether you are working in a cubicle environment; have your own office; conference settings; school; home life; dating, etc. Stress comes at you from all areas and stress can be reduced in many ways.

To reduce stress you have to know what causes you stress. Pay attention to patterns in your life. Pay attention to who and what situations raise your level of stress. Try to pick one area of stress that you can manage easily, so you will build a pattern for success. For instance, if you notice that one particular person stresses you out every time you have contact,

Make a Conscious Choice to Take Care of Yourself

by limiting contact. Each time you choose to take care of yourself, you gain confidence and start to create a better life.

Follow the example of AA and "The Serenity Prayer":

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Next, be proactive about reducing stress causes. If you know that being unsure of your role and responsibility at work is unclear, ask for clarity. The same goes for relationships. Ask for clarity in each relationship that causes stress.

• Continue to be aware of how you feel

• Breathing You can reduce your stress as easily as breathing deeply and rhythmically. As you are breathing, close your eyes and listen to your breathing.

• Music is a known stress reducer. It has a calming effect on your entire body. Music can RAISE your GOOD ENERGY!

•Watch The JoyStream TV!

• Meditation Begin your day by taking time to be quiet. Pray, meditate, , ask for guidance in the day ahead.

• Exercise Take a break wherever you are. Go for a walk outside. Breathe in the wonderful air outside. Enjoy nature.

• Pets They say that animals reduce a person's stress level just by touching an animal. Pets are great company and can also relieve stress. Not only can we enjoy them inside our house, we can take them for a walk. That way, we doubly reduce our stress level!

• Love is a key for many levels of stress reduction. Loving ourselves is the first step! Finding something to do that we LOVE is another way. Loving another human being as a partner. Loving a child. Love has many levels and many forms that can give relief.The most important is LOVING YOURSELF where you are, who you are, as you are!

• Affirmations Check out Your Divine Inheritance!

• Journaling Taking time to write down your thoughts on paper is a great way to clear your head and heart. You can even Journal on your computer.

Take time in your day, RIGHT NOW, to recognize how you feel. Continue to be proactive. If you find a stress tip that works for you, remember it!

More Stress Tips:

  • Work on improving your communication skills

  • Do more of what brings you joy!

  • Ask for Time Management Tips

  • Set realistic goals

  • Plan ahead, but allow spontaneity!
  • See others as Good

  • Don't try to change others

  • Look for things you love each day

  • In every situation focus most on the good parts!

Do you need to take a stress break? Take one now! Or read more stress tips here!

Finally, for more tips on managing stress, go for a walk, listen to some music or take a bath and ask for Inspired Action! Nobody knows you better than you do! Trust yourself, and trust Universal Wisdom. It is always your choice to feel better and seek the relief you need today!

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