Tools To Create All The Success You Ever Imagined

Success or doubt...the choice is yours!

I'm not sure why the subject of "doubt" jumped into my mind. Since it appeared in my head, I decided to ask for wisdom about doubt. I had never put much thought into the subject. As soon as I asked for wisdom, I realized that: doubt is a form of resistance and blocks our path to our dreams.

And what is resistance? Resistance is when we don't allow ourselves to connect with our source of truth, inspiration and creativity. Guess what? When we doubt, or resist or don't allow our natural connection to inner wisdom, love, abundance, we don't feel good, and we block the things we desire, we block success. It is our choice to allow the good stuff. Aren't you tired of blocking the good stuff and allowing the drudgery to continue?

The goal of The JoyStream and Personal Development for Busy People is to consciously create your life. Usually we have no idea how we got to where we are today. And if we don't make some new conscious choices, we will find ourselves in the exact same place in 20 years. Do you want to be in the exact same place in 20 years? If not, you will be happy to know, it is a series of simple choices to allow success into your life easily and naturally.

It can be as simple as focusing on a basic goal:The Goal to feel Good! Remember, the truth is always simple. This one goal leads to creating a wonderful life, because as we get used to feeling good, when crumby stuff happens, we notice quickly something doesn't feel good. When life gets out of balance we will notice that sooner.

However, our lives have been so out of balance for so long, we don't even notice how lopsided our lives are. I cannot stress enough how important it is to pay attention to how you feel. For instance, are there some dreams and desires that you have been ignoring for months or even years? Have you wanted to visit friends, or a certain park, or go to a museum, or a concert or try a different hiking trail?

If you take a bit of time for yourself and for your dreams, you will feel more alive in every single area of your life. Is there a hobby you have been wanting to renew? As you care for yourself in smaller ways, you will allow greater and greater things into your life. For more tips on how to get in the habit of feeling better, learn about accessing The JoyStream.

I discovered two aspects that block the life of our dreams. The first way we doubt is how we feel about ourselves. We have probably spent the majority of our lives not feeling good. We may be filled with self loathing, shame or abusive relationships. We may lack energy, joy, enthusiasm, peace, hope or good health. I am telling you that you can feel better and more successful moment by moment, day by day.

The first key to success is to know the truth about yourself! When I finally learned the truth about myself, my success skyrocketed! Do you want to know what I learned? I learned I am am creative, resourceful and whole! I am not broken...never was, and never will be.

I had spent my entire life doubting myself, doubting the value of my existence. Doubting if I really had any purpose. Thinking those thoughts for decades never felt good, but I never knew any better! I don't know why we are not taught simple tools for creating a life we love in kindergarten, but we are not.

It is not late to learn the secrets of success.

My first major step towards big success was to believe I am created to have ideas and to create amazing things from those ideas. We are born to be creative and passionate about our dreams and ideas. We cannot entertain doubts for long about who we truly are and achieve lasting success.

The second aspect of doubt, is doubting our actions, ideas, and dreams. People may have made fun of our dreams, our ideas, our interests. Certain actions we took may not have had the desired outcome, and we took the criticism to heart. Once we let doubt creep into our lives, we automatically bring in the possibility of quitting, of giving up too soon. Once we release doubt, and choose to stay the course no matter what, we will be open to more energy, solutions, wisdom, and inspired action.

The next tool in your journey to success, is to not take things personally.
Criticism can stick only if we believe it is truth. That is why the first thing to learn for creating success is to believe you are a beautiful creation. There are no wasted actions! You may have learned how not to do something but that is valuable! You may have spent time learning something new, and never did anything with it, but guess what? Everything you have learned will be useful in some wonderful and maybe as yet unknown way, but it will be useful!

Another way doubt affects our actions and ideas is that we may have made a blunder and we assume people think we are failures. The next invaluable tool is not to make assumptions! Usually when we make assumptions we are flat out wrong. Why? People are so self-absorbed they just are not paying that much attention to us!

To believe we are beautiful creations is a choice. To not take things personally is a choice. To not make assumptions is a choice. We make choices everyday. Why not make some better choices and choose consciously. Choose the road to success today. Leave doubt at the door!

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