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Welcome friends to our Toastmasters Resource page. As Catherine and I continue on our TM's Journey and work on our High Performance Leadership project, folks are asking us to expand our offerings to include resources for clubs, old and new. We both know what has helped us in our journey and choose to joyfully share it with everybody. If you have cool tips or other TM resources that you'd like to share, please email me, Sheila@TheJoyStream.com Also, if you'd like to video tape one of your manual speeches to add to the collection, please contact me.

I have learned so many wonderful lessons as a Toastmaster, but my favorite one of all time was when my mentor asked me if I was enjoying myself. I responded with, "Enjoying myself? How can I enjoy myself when my stomach is in knots?" As I answered the question, I realized, as always, the truth is simple. Why aren't I enjoying myself? TM's is such a safe and supportive environment. I decided right then and there to choose to enjoy myself. It was the best decision I have made.

We hope you choose to enjoy your TM's journey. If you desire to get a bigger picture of the amazing benefits of being a TM, please listen to some of the amazing journeys of the Incredible Women of Toastmasters!

Also, please enjoy our growing collection of TM's Resources.

All joy, Sheila and Catherine


Cheat Sheet for Club President

Cheat Sheet for TM of the Evening

Cheat Sheet for Master Evaluator of the Evening

Distinguished Club Checklist

General Resources for Speakers and Writers

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Again, if you have any helpful resources, please send them along and we will link the article back to your site! Please check back often as we are constantly adding interviews, speeches and resources. Thank you for visiting!

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