Toastmasters Manual Speeches and More

Greetings! Catherine and I are adding toastmasters speeches from the manuals to our site because we realize that mentorship can be virtual! We know that it is important to help one another grow as public speakers and what better way is there to become better speakers than to watch how others do their speeches. Many toastmasters have been willing to have their manual speeches videotaped as well as some of their most requested and famous speeches. We hope you enjoy these speeches and please let us know what else would be helpful to you with your public speaking goals.

Pam Christopher

Pam Christopher is Past District 37 Governor and now is International Director for Region 8. Pam graciously allowed us to film her famous "Zipper Speech."

Sharon Anita Hill

Please take a moment and enjoy this humorous speech by Sharon Anita Hill entitled, "Ms Thang." If you'd like to know more about Sharon Hill please visit her website, click here!

Sharon Atkins Hll

This speech, "Beyond the Horizon" is from the Advanced Storytelling Manual, project number 4, The Touching Story.

This speech, "Where Am I?" is project number 10, Inspire Your Audience, from the Competent Communicator Manual.

This speech, "The Lusty Cry" is also from the Advanced Story Telling Manual, project number two, Getting Personal.

Tammy Miller

Tammy Miller gives speech 3, Get to the Point from the Competent Communicator Manual. Tammy has written a great book on topics for toastmasters called "My Life is Just Speech Material...And, So is Yours." This book is filled with ways to find speech topics as well as how to organize your speech. If you follow her techniques for public speaking, it will make you a more effective table topic speaker as well. Please visit her website by clicking here!

Deb Lee

Current District 37 Governor, Deb Lee gives a speech, "Water is our friend" from the Competent Communicator Manual, project 5, Your Body Speaks.

Shirley Coble

Brand new Toastmaster, Shirley Coble, gives speech number 2 from the Competent Communicator Manual, How to Organize your Speech.

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