Catherine and Sheila Joyfully Present The Incredible Women of Toastmasters!!!

Greetings Toastmasters! Catherine and I are creating a forum to showcase The Incredible Women of Toastmasters for our High Performance Leadership project. We are videotaping interviews and speeches of these amazing women. The goals are:

  • Show the Benefits of joining TM
  • Provide Virtual Mentorship for women all over the world
  • Advice for new TM
  • Tips for better public speaking
  • See Actual Manual Speeches

We hope you enjoy the interviews. As word gets around about our project we are always getting additional requests. One such request is a resource page and public speaking tips. Please check out our growing collection of TM Resources. If you have any suggestions, tips or resources, please send them along to

We are very thankful and appreciative of all the woman who have taken the time to share their insights for the Incredible Women of Toastmasters Series. As you will see, some of the interviews are by seasoned public speakers and a few newbies were brave enough to stand in front of the camera as well. The benefits these women gained from TI vary from the impromptu skills gain from table topics, the deeper listening skills gained from being general evaluator. Women learned from the challenges of speech contests as well as the benefits of the leadership track. There are so many ways that TM can improve the quality of your life.

Our lives have forever changed by embarking on this project and most importantly our lives have improved by having the chance to meet you and record a wonderful part of your journey.

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All joy, Sheila and Catherine

Incredible Women Interviews

Meet the Incredible Val Albert

Meet the Incredible Cat Angus

Meet the Incredible Sherri Baldwin

Are you ready for an advantage? Please visit Sherri's website!

Meet the Incredible Sherry-Ann Batson

Meet the Incredible Shelley Bower-The first Interview at the Convention! Thanks!!!

Meet the Amazing J. Andree Brooks

Meet the Incredible Pam Christopher

Meet the Incredible Glenda Clare

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Meet the Incredible Dorothy Cottingham

Meet the Incredible Dee Dees

Meet the Incredible Pat Gann

Meet the Incredible Lamanda Gaskins

Meet the Incredible Deidre Hughey

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Meet the Incredible Sharyn Jarzombek

Meet the Incredible Fran Kay

Meet the Incredible Lauren Kuik

Meet The Incredible Sharon Anita Hill

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Meet the Incredible Rebecca Hong

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Meet the Incredible Ivy Amy Lawson

Meet the Incredible Elaine Koziatek

Meet the Incredible Deb Lee

Meet the Incredible Reamick Lo

Meet the Incredible Pim Love

Meet the Incredible Bonnie Maidak

Meet the Incredible Subbi Mathur

Meet the Incredible Gwen May

Meet The Incredible Tammy Miller

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Meet the Incredible Joanne Morrison

Meet the Incredible Clare Murphy

Meet the Incredible Heather O'Neill

Meet the Incredible Mary Ellen Psaltis

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Meet the Incredible Deniz Senelt

Meet The Incredible Pauline Shirley

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Pauline Shirley Toastmasters Interview from Catherine McCormick on Vimeo.

Meet the Incredible Theresa Spralling