Totally Free Stuff for Creating Lasting Success

I love totally free stuff, don't you? I love it when I find anything that helps me move towards being my best. I love when I release limiting beliefs, or when I become aware of how I block my own success.

The simplest way to Create Lasting Success is to learn how to feel better. There is no simpler way to access Joy, Peace, Love and Light than to learn to quiet your mind so you get a break from the constant chatter. Download The JoyStream exercise by Right-clicking or double clicking here. Once you learn to quiet your mind...even for a few seconds at a time, you will access peace, have a break from worry, stress and anxiety and create an entirely new habit of feeling better. This really works!

It works by not only allowing you to focus on what raises your Hum, but it helps with decision making. If something completely does not raise your Hum, you may realize you don't want to do it anymore. You may figure out that some people don't raise your Hum...but now you will and you can take action and spend more time with those who raise your Hum and less time with those who don't.

Marianne Williamson wrote a very powerful poem called Our Deepest Fear. We have written the poem out for you and we added a place for you to write the poem in the first person. Say it out loud, read it in groups and most importantly choose to believe it! This too will get you in the habit of feeling better about yourself. To download the poem Right-click or double click here.

One of my favorite things The JoyStream teaches is the Powerful, Confident Constructive Model. To download the PDF file of the PCC model and instructions Right-click or double click here.

Are you ready to start intentionally creating lasting success? Download our amazing Intentions Worksheet by right-clicking or double clicking here. Taking a moment to write down your Intentions is like prepaving your way to success. As you imagine your life how you desire it to becomes truth.

Once you start feeling better the fun begins. Now you can choose to focus on what makes you feel better, or as we say, learn to focus more on what raises your Vibrational Hum. You know how people talk about someone having good vibes? Well, that person actually vibrates at a level that makes you feel good. Everything you focus your eyes, on, your ears on, your thoughts on either raises or lowers your Hum. As you start paying attention to what raises your Hum and choosing to do more of what raises your Hum, your life will transform before your eyes! To download this worksheet right-click or double click here.

Are you ready for more totally free stuff? Well, now that you have learned how to feel better, and how to choose to intentionally create lasting success, now you can turn up the corners of your mouth and listen for Inspired Action right-click or double click here.

Please email any of us! with your success stories or tips that you have for feeling better and for Creating Lasting Success. All joy, Sheila

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