Treating Anxiety with simple Techniques

Tips for Treating Anxiety:

  • Choose to take control. Whether you decide to take on the persona of a Marine, an athlete, or Your Successful Self, you get to choose to control the situation.

  • Choose to slow down your breathing. You can close your eyes and think Peace, or some other calming word, as you breathe in through your nostrils deeply and slowly.

  • Try to count to five slowly as your breathe in and slowly exhale through your mouth.

  • Listen to the air as you exhale.

  • Observe your mind as you breathe.

  • What are you thinking? It is important to observe without opinion or judgment.

  • Observe your body as you breathe.

  • How does your chest feel?

  • How does your stomach feel?

  • How do your arms and legs feel?

  • How does your head, neck and back feel?

  • Continue to observe your mind and body.

  • Pay attention to your heart rate. Is it slowing down as you concentrate on your breathing?

  • Concentrate on your mind. Is it quieter?

  • Try turning up the corners of your mouth. Does that feel better? This is the simplest way to reduce anxiety, access The JoyStream and find peace.

  • Observe your mind again. Put all your attention on your brain.

  • Is it quiet? If so, acknowledge the peace and quiet.

  • Choose to place a memory marker on how peace feels. A memory marker is telling yourself you will remember something and that when you need it, you will be able to access the information easily and naturally.

  • If you don't feel like your mind is peaceful and quiet, pick out one anxious thought and put your focus on that one thought.

  • Remember not to have opinions or to place judgment. Be present with the thought.

  • Continue to breathe slowly and fully.

  • Ask for wisdom, light, clarity or truth to enter your mind.

  • If you choose light, what did light shed on the situation?

  • Ask for the origin of the anxiety.

  • Listen deeply, again without opinion or judgment.

  • Ask if there is a Limiting Belief that is creating the anxiety. A Limiting Belief is simply a thought you repeatedly think that keeps you from your fullest joy, potential, freedom, abundance etc. See more on Limiting Beliefs in Journey 2 Joy: Personal Development for Busy People or in The JoyStream Journal.

  • Do you feel relief?

  • If so, take a moment and be thankful that you already know, deep within you, how to access peace and wisdom.

    This is truth. We are marvelous creations. We already have within us all the tools for success.And the cool thing is there is hope for treating anxiety. There is always hope. I don't think Doctors realize all the power they have when they give a diagnosis.

    You are more powerful than a diagnosis.

    We always get to choose what we believe. No matter what the diagnosis is, there is always at least one person who has beat it! You get to choose your point of focus. I don't care if the diagnosis is with your health, your career, your relationships, or your finances. Somebody has been in your situation and turned it into a positive situation.
    Be careful what you choose to believe.

    If nobody has ever given you hope, let me give it to you. You can take control of your anxiety. You can control stress. You can control worry and depression. It is ok to consult a doctor. It is ok to get help and use medication. The important thing is to get better. It is important to feel better. Do what you have to do to feel better. Once you feel better, once your are solution oriented, you allow hope to enter your life. You want hope in your life.

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