What is Frustration?

Frustration. What is frustration? An image of Charlie Brown jumps into my head. He suffered from a great deal of frustration. Frustration is almost a physical emotion wrapped in a bunch of letters. You can almost feel frustration growing as you move through the syllables. For the causes of frustration click here.

What is the definition of frustration? According to the online Merriam Webster diction, the meaning of Frustration is 1 a: to balk or defeat in an endeavor b: to induce feelings of discouragement, to make ineffectual: bring to nothing. To impede, obstruct or to make invalid or of no effect. Synonyms are thwart, foil and baffle. The definition is terribly frustrating. Smiley Faces Frustration is one of those words that sounds just how it feels.

What is frustration? It is the sensation of bristling with emotion and tension and feeling helpless about it. It is far from feeling neutral. Neutral is a very good word! It perfectly describes how to flow through the universe...you are just flowing when you are neutral, you are not controlling or demanding or trying to influence. You are in a perfect state of allowing...you are not bristling with frustration or excitement...you are just flowing.

When you know you feel frustrated, which feels terrible, you feel like there are no solutions. But I am here to tell you that is not the truth. Frustration is caused by forgetting the truth of who you are. You are a wondrous and marvelous creation. You were created to do your best in each moment.

What is the opposite of frustration? To do your best, and simply choose to be Present. Take a moment, turn up the corners of your mouth click here to learn how to access The JoyStream. and breathe in and out while thinking of the word Presence. This actually brings you into the present moment which is where peace exists. It is where love, joy and yes, solutions exists. When we are frustrated we are usually caught up by what we didn't do, that we think we should have done, or we are caught up in what we did do that we think we shouldn't.

However, one of my favorite lessons of all time is when I learned that nothing is wasted. No experience is a waste. When you are in the Present moment, where all your power is you are able to allow all of your experiences to fall into place like a wonderful puzzle. In the Present moment you are blessed with the ability to choose love and only remember the love.

What is frustration? Remembering your past. However, the junk from your past does not represent the truth of who you are. Love, joy and peace represent the truth of who you are. Abundance, health and creativity represent the truth of who you are.

You can choose right now to make a tiny attitude shift and choose to be neutral and allow energy to flow, action to flow, words to flow, peace and joy to flow.

Neutrality contains no frustration, tension or anxiety...it is not eager...chomping at the bit...it has released the desire, so the desire in itself can be free. It allows you to release regrets, which is simply a memory of not doing your best. Who would have thought that our desires like freedom. Our desires simply want our best. Shift now to the Present moment, without multitasking and choose to do your best.

Sometimes our desires are so strong, we want something so badly, we can taste it. But if you think about it, this feeling doesn't actually feel good. Tension fills our body. We may actually even feel a sense of desperation. In this moment we get to choose to release the tension and frustration and allow the energy of the Universe to fill us, lift us and draw wonderful things to us.

What is frustration and why is it so powerful? Scientists have measured people in the midst of feeling frustrated and when the report comes back it looks just like the drawings we did as kids when we used our black crayon. Or when we tore through paper with our pencils. Imagine clawing a black crayon and scribbling over something we drew as kids. That scribble mark is just how frustration looks when it is scientifically measured. Just add the dark cloud that comes over Charlie Brown's head and the image of frustration is complete.

What is frustration? It is forgetting to embrace Timelessness. Timelessness is a simple choice. If you choose to embrace Timelessness, the past fades, the future fades and only the Present Moment is left and that is where all your power is. Miracles occur in the Present Moment.

What is frustration? It is actually forgetting to breath...we start to focus all our energy inward so we are creating a sense of imploding. It feels awful. But in the midst of frustration if we remember the breath of life and take one, we are infused with a new energy and new hope and we become solution oriented. Think of a favorite sensation and actually imagine yourself breathing in love, or joy or peace.

What is frustration and why does it feel so bad? It is the action of cutting off the natural flow of the universe. I am learning that all problems resolve themselves if I remove my attention from the problem and allow the solution to surface. But when I am bogged down in frustration I am not solution oriented. One simple tip for overcoming frustration is to get used to feeling better. My favorite way to feel better is to turn up the corners of my mouth. Check out the entire JoyStream Exercise.

As you learn to feel better, make simple choices to focus on joy, contentment, appreciation, doing your best. Focus on the truth of your divine inheritance instead of frustration. Knowing what frustration is can change your life. Imagine it is the opposite of contentment.

Sometimes we are so driven and tense we completely forget about contentment. But choosing to shift to better feelings is a smart choice. Just as bad habits are mentally and physically ingrained, The JoyStream teaches to adjust your body as well as your mind towards feeling better. That is why it is so powerful to turn up the corners of your mouth.

Another reason frustration feels so crumby is that it often leads to desperation...which equals last ditch effort which means the end is near. Meaning, what we focus on we get. If we are doing something as a last ditch effort, we usually create the last ditch and then fall into it. It is our way of letting ourselves off the hook.

But if we choose be Present, if we choose to turn up the corners of our mouth, if we honestly focus on solutions, we will get solutions that will produce positive results. If we choose Presence and turn up the corners of our mouths, moment by moment we will start remembering the truth of who we are and that is Brilliance, Beauty, Miraculous. Read The Deepest Fear poem by Marianne Williamson out loud, every day until the truth of the poem becomes believable. Ask each day to know more about the wonderful truth of who you are. Ask and you shall receive.

All joy, Sheila Steplar

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